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Hi everyone,

I'm guiot, g?rl (pronouns she or they) from Turin, Italy ; @npisanti and @Merristasis took me here ; i live code electronic music with TidalCycles and SuperCollider, and have fun with tech and code as much as i can ; i'm passionate about music, philosophy, computer science, math, game design.

happy to meet all of you merveilles pals

[github in my bio as soon as i figure mastodon out :3]

in love with these kinds of articles about programmable systems and trash-talking unix, might make a github 'awesome' in a while

covid-19 and capitalism 

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no cold faceless Software Corp could ever be capable of creating anything as cute as foss

algorithmic music inspiration for today: Stockhausen noting that

* complex rhythms can be notated in different ways, some easier and some harder to understand
* this difficulty could be measured by conducting experimental studies on experienced performers
* this could enable one to write pieces of music in which the inaccuracy of performance is serialized

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We tune the way we use these tools by building educational practices to train ourselves to use our best cognitive tools better.

We even tune the way we tune the way we use our best cognitive tools by devising environments that help build better environments for educating ourselves in the use of our own cognitive tools.

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Andy Clark, 2008, probably about

We do not just self-engineer better worlds to think in.

We self-engineer ourselves to think and perform better in the worlds we find ourselves in.

We self-engineer worlds in which to build better worlds to think in.

We build better tools to think with and use these very tools to discover still better tools to think with.

proving all cops are bastard, one non-bastard non-cop at a time

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I once saw an interview with Brazilian homeless people on why they didn’t use available shelters, even though winter was killing them. the most cited reason was that the shelters forced them to wake up on the clock. this is when I learned that some people stay homeless out of sheer refusal to bow down. these people would rather risk hypothermia than having somebody telling them when to wake up.

I thought of that a lot when getting up at 6 for my 1-hour daily drive to work

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Hey everyone, I'm Merri, I'm a French trans girl from Paris, I study materials engineering, I'm interested in biomaterials in particular. I do music with computers (livecoding/trackers), I'm also a VJ (livecoding/resolume). I run a label called Hàltràny Industries, a broadcast platform ( @neuvoids ) and the French TOPLAP node. I speak French, English and I study Italian and Macedonian. (Still) happy to be here ! :tealheart: :triangle:

preparing a live set w/ a friend, using only a monophonic synth controlled from our computers. so we only have one voice at a time. need to get creative.

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Leaked audio from a recycling coalition about how Coke is using hefty public donations to recycling coalitions to shape policy such that no meaningful reduction of plastic bottle generation can happen.

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