"[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'. Adopting open source solutions, like adopting a puppy, involves some time spent on care and feeding."

, found this passage yesterday while reading Trevor Owens's "the theory and craft of digital preservation" and I won't stop thinking about it for a while, probably

@mxmxyz this is a really lovely addition to the pile of (furry adjacent?) computery terms that have been piling up in recent years like #dogfooding and #sealioning and of course the #failwhale

@mxmxyz If you free the puppies then they just run around in a really over-excited way knocking things over and wagging their tails furiously.

@mxmxyz yeah - a well worn one, that. Of course, all proprietary software has care and feeding requirements, too... but you have to pay external people $$ to do it for you in most cases. I'd rather have Free Software by a long way.

@mxmxyz put another way - if you get proprietary software, you're paying to dollar to look after someone else's puppy. And you have to pay their appointed vet, food provider, and dog walker for everything the puppy needs. All of them charge monopoly rents. I prefer free puppies.

@mxmxyz @douginamug but the whole idea is contrasting software that is free-as-in-beer to free-as-in-freedom, and software that's free as in beer/puppies can't be taken care of because it's proprietary. The puppy is free software, not beer software.

@klendool @mxmxyz don't think I quite follow... I hadn't fully analyzed the quote. I just liked the idea that FLOSS needs care (from the users)

@douginamug the OP quote is "[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'."

But the idea it's referencing juxtaposes "free beer" software and "free speech" software. Only the latter can be cared for, like a puppy. The former is proprietary and can't be cared for.

The OP quite should be "[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free speech'."

It's mangling the original idea, but Stallman can get in the ocean so I don't really care lol

@klendool Oh I see, I didn't think 'free beer' type freedom meant proprietary 🙃

@klendool @douginamug Yeah, it's a deliberate misdirection intended to erase the existence of commercial software that comes with freedom included.
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