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In a way, studio musicians are like the defense contractors of pop.

“Hey, I don’t need to be emotionally invested in this guided missile program, I just need to get paid. Also every time you blow up a tank I get three dollars.”

also I'm beta testing a minor rewrite of videogrep, my supercut making tool, looking for feedback! pip install git+

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Meanwhile, let's normalize saying, "So easy my boss can use it" and banish "so easy my mom can use it" to the scrapheap of history.


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Random personal story.

I once went with a date to an art exhibition. As we walked room by room through the gallery, we came upon one room that was completely empty -- except for a low, plain pedestal with a small metal box on top.

That was it. White walls, low pedestal, metal box.

"Is this..." I wondered. "Is this ART?"

I had to know more.

The metal box turned out to have two controls on it. One was a toggle switch, under one of those plastic switch-guards they put over important switches to keep people from accidentally launching the nuclear missiles. It was labeled "ARM." And next to it was a red button, labeled "FIRE."

Now this room had my undivided attention. Arm what? Fire WHAT?

I looked around; nobody in sight but my date, who was watching me with a puzzled expression.

I flipped back the switch-guard. Nothing happened.

I toggled the ARM switch. Nothing happened.

My brain was screaming questions. Does the box actually do anything? Is it there specifically to lure the curious? Are there cameras watching me? Am I participating in a psychological experiment?

There was only one way to find out. I pressed the red FIRE button.

And friends, the millisecond after I hit that button, there was the loudest BANG you ever heard as

🕺​ THE 🕺​
🕺​ ENTIRE 🕺​
🕺​ ROOM 🕺​
🕺​ FILLED 🕺​
🕺​ WITH 🕺​

Yes. They must have rigged the room up for an event or party or something. And I had just triggered a bunch of carefully hidden confetti blasters.

Our ears ringing, my date and I locked eyes through the blizzard of confetti. We both knew there was only one thing to do now.


I've got a friend who is interested in Mastodon and I promised him a server invite, but my instances are queer or art focussed and he's a cis het guy who likes cycling. Is there a solar punk instance in English?

There are actually only three #videogames in the world: "Press the right button at the right time", "Watch numbers go up" and "This should have been a movie".

i am still on the hunt for artists for my vending machine artist residency programme based in norwich, UK. if you make works on paper, small multiples, have big ideas about public works and how lots of small pieces can make a whole, or just think this sounds cool, please get in touch!

i am currently seeking residents for july 2022 onwards. the residencies are monthly, and can be completed from anywhere in the world where you can post things that reach the uk.

more info:

#art #artist #residency #opencall

Futurists are why we can't have nice futures.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Voyager 1 once started sending scrambled communications back and they determined there was a bit flip that affected the crypto key and so they hired the NSA to figure out what the new key was.

Apparently that's happening to Voyager 2 now.

Making 360 video turns out to be one of the less interesting things you can do with a 360 camera

Decades late, discovered the neat effect you can get with the "lossy" slider in Photoshop's ancient GIF export

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