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my bio translates to "come, let's sit in the shade / this shade does not belong to anyone" from the inimitable ziad rahbani

@neauoire our local timeline is a treasure, I turn to it for inspiration regularly

today's stopping point! the gradient is better and I'm loving the lakes of white space.

this is the current gradient. each character is x/w * y/h, so 0 at the top left corner and along the top and left hand side, and then smoothly up to 1 in the lower right-hand corner. looking at it like this it doesn't pass the squint test. the wm band particularly seems out of place. the whole thing is also... too dark? I wonder if I fix that in the ramp or by processing the noise value to push it towards the extremes. hm.

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this paper is good but not as fibrous as I would like. a bit too smooth. ideally I'd print on the newsprint they use for cheap books, but I haven't been able to get my hands on any.

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back at it again. the earlier newsprint tests I did were on grayer colored paper, I like this cream tone more. the character map is not exactly where I want it to be, I want there to be more extreme variations, but let's getting there.

today was some more noodling on blender pixel art pipeline. added a ui ( and an ability to play with resolution without breaking square pixels (technique taken from my game jam game)

an alphabet consisting of exclusively of silent letters

like, if i could sing and play guitar, this is all i would do. its probably for the best i cant.

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i have a script that downloads a random black and white background image from to use as a background image but their site is having issues today so i guess this is my desktop 🙃

If we do not do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable.
-- Murray Bookchin

#anarchism #quote #bot

in case you're ever in a situation where you need to synchronize gameplay to music i found the to response to this reddit post extremely helpful!

that's a wrap!

submitted within the deadline and everything. thanks for following along everyone, this was a lot of fun!!!

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attract mode, count down, menu, even a secret gizmos mode that turns on the debug geometry are in and sequenced. i swear coroutines have made writing this kind of code fun again (or fun for the first time?) its a joy to piece interactions together, wait for bits of code to complete, and the result is nice to read and maintain. i say this all the time but i *need* to do a thorough writeup at some point...

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lil pause menu. im going to have to finish it tonight to make tomorrows deadline ⏲️

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working on the sky and clouds. here's what the geometry looks like, too. i find it easier to manipulate vertices than pixels tbh

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