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my bio translates to "come, let's sit in the shade / this shade does not belong to anyone" from the inimitable ziad rahbani

now ChatGPT seems really impressive and all but you have to remember that you can be tricked into thinking a rock has feelings by drawing a cute face on it

something i know: i need to start listening to new music again and going to shows. 8fl is complete enough that i do not need to worry about it so much anymore. what comes next is subjective and aesthetic. i need to reacclimate to the culture of music ive been cut off from because of pandemic/depression/work/car crash. fortunately im part of an incredible community here in nyc, i just need to start showing up and listening again 🎵

strictly speaking it's a MSIL to SPIRV compiler. The idea is to be able to write a shader in C# and get the benefits of documentation, autocomplete, type checking etc and then have that function compile into SPIRV bytecode that gets embedded into the resulting C# binary to be fed to the GPU.

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some personal archeology this morning: recovered my C# to SPIRV shader compiler from my backups 👀

talking to robots, who is ramsey nasser 

like 20% accurate

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the code, you can see the chatgpt melodies dumped right into 8fl and passed through its combinators

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using some other prompts i threw this together, drum breaks my own

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so it turns out you can ask chatgpt for melodies... and i can plug them right into 8fl 👀

The best thing about this place is that there are no ads. I don’t know why this isn’t shouted about far more. I dread looking at my emails because there’s ads all through the damn thing. Ads everywhere on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a routine ugliness, a chore we’ve been told we must endure. But it’s not true.

good news, fediverse! After a 6 month hiatus is open again! Plenty of new objects and I'll be shipping in time for the holidays. Boosts welcome!

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after a lot of tweaking my most recent rounds of patches to my clojure compiler are finally working in unity's restrictive IL2CPP environment. a few optimizations, some really gnarly edge cases taken care of, and a lot of cruft around how the language bootstraps got sorted out. now I'm going to take a big nap.

(the Prompt Engineer begins typing, a flurry of creative energy) "good art very good high def good image not bad but good beautiful good pictures very beautiful good"

corporate platforms 

@nasser if anything is a "tragedy of the commons" it is when the commons gets built on top of a foundation owned by something other than the people who give it value

or, digging further, that the foundation can even be owned at all

on the left: not a single one of these devices still boots. most of them did, when they were first put on the shelf. even if they could be repaired to boot up, a secure operating system no longer exists that will run on them

on the right: each one of these still works great, other than batteries (replaceable) and the occasional loose hinge. despite the average age being 2x of the phones, half of them are still in active everyday use

corporate platforms 

i think i am extra frustrated because if these "free" platforms were up front, say, ten years ago, i may have invested more time into self hosting and other more long-lived solutions. but i didnt because i was basically lied to, and now i have to scramble. decent engineering is impossible under capitalism.

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corporate platforms 

thing is, i dont mind paid services! but if heroku was paid from start i would have approached it differently from the start. observable is similarly shedding their free tier soon i think. again, i understand that hosting costs money and that devs need to get paid.... its just the runaround sucks. now i need to think about migrating my shit and fixing broken links on a timetable set by some VC money perverts.

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corporate platforms 

the playbook is pretty obvious at this point. start offering a free service, get buy-in, become indispensable and then put up paywalls. people will then either pay or accept the death of their stuff. this bait and switch is grotesque. i am thinking of the heroku free tier that is disappearing, and taking *a lot* of my stuff down with it, but also of docker hub and twitter which has flirted with burying the content of non-paying users...

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