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my bio translates to "come, let's sit in the shade / this shade does not belong to anyone" from the inimitable ziad rahbani

thinking about APL and Orca as two "hieroglyphic" programming experiences

The Paris live coding session last night was great. It showed how the scene is diverse in terms of practiced and styles. It also proved how open-source software can have a very positive impact on creative practices interoperability and is a node connecting different communities. I am very happy I met very talented artists. There is still room for progress: more women would be great for next time! #m

starting a true crime podcast about wage thievery

simplicity is a prerequisite to reliability, don't forget 🙏

beautiful interpretation of an 18th century poem protesting the enclosure movement that laid the groundwork for English capitalism

you can clone functions in lua, including upvalues

it didnt work for what i needed, which was the ability to clone coroutines, but might be useful to someone else

all the time I spent in the functional programming community has proven to be enormously helpful in thinking about and building complex systems, grateful for having had that experience 🙏

realization: my livecoding tool ultimately generates sequences of strings to pass to renoise, which makes it a string instrument 😎💅 supergroup including doom
of the rock @nasser livecoding with fennel. other livecoding langs tonight include orca, foxdot, hydra and oFx

wow I just spent an hour trying to post a video to birdsite, running every relevant FFmpeg incantation I could find on the internet, every single one of them resulted in a rejected video. what a pile of garbage. worked immediately on Mastodon unsurprisingly. remember kids: centralized platforms are technically as well as morally inferior to open ones.

theyre not on fedi but im jamming tonight with dan ( and char (

ive learned a ton from both of them and i am very excited and grateful to be able to learn and make things with such talented artists!!!

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the non-alpha live version will feature electric cello and vocals by my extremely talented friends who are jamming with my during my first show 😭 🙏

if youre in nyc come through!

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alpha version of tonight's jam!

some of the syntax:
- euc: euclidean rhythms
- ins: set the instrument for every note in the sequence
- fol: follow every note in the sequence
- rot: rotate the sequence
- cat: concatenate sequences
- $>1: schedule this pattern to run once at the end of the current pattern

the patterns alternate track numbers and expressions to mean "put the result of this expression on this track"

tracks of unequal lengths are extended to balance the final pattern!

that said -- i use ffmpeg successfully all the time! my workflow is: google ffmpeg question, immediately find answer, copy paste the unthinkable commands generously shared by a faceless ffmpeg wizard, big success.

i just dont know how i am supposed to do any of this without googling. maybe thats where all the wizards come from 🤔

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i've seen key=value arguments, i've seen -dashed unix style arguments, i've seen colons, i've seen equals signs, i think the order you pass the arguments *matters* which makes them less parameters and more... a command language? i have a friend who insists that there is coherence and consistency and even beauty to all of this but i am certain my friend is a liar.

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how was ffmpeg usable before web searches is my question

Day 07 of #inktober2021 on my pen plotter!

Got inspired by some of the background art in Paul Kirchner's Dope Rider comics.

This took ages to code and there are still things I'd like to tweak!

You can support work like this by backing my new patreon!

#plottertwitter #drawtober2021 #inktober #drawtober #creativecoding #plotter

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building on a jam session from last night! going to be doing something like this at computer pop tomorrow night except with a prophet 6 synth instead of my trial-version VSTs 😅

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