morning notes on a game jam I really don't have time participating in πŸ˜…

woke up early to start bringing notes to life. track is drawn in blender using bezier curves and its running in a browser with three.js

basic controls πŸ‘€

gas moves you along the curve and the wheel moves you along the horizontal. the wheel controls aren't right, they need to be more drifty, but at least the vector math is right πŸ’ͺ

starting to become mechanically coherent! now the "car" will drift around corners depending on curvature and velocity, so you have to steer to compensate. i shrank the blue lines to simulate the width of the road and trying to stay inside them feels pretty good! the white line over the "car" is my steering wheel position.

oh yeah thats the good stuff, i live for this. this is the palette required by the jam. it might be too restrictive to actually work for this game lol but i will give it a shot.


little bit of a floor + raised section for fun. its *much* more playable when you can see the road coming towards you!

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now locked to the required 240x135 resolution and its even responsive πŸ‘€ . scaling is always by an integer factor so the pixels always look great.

240x135 is frankly a *brilliant* resolution because it is small enough to be within the range of the super nintendo / arcade machines of the 80s but its exactly 1/8 the size of HD, so it scales up perfectly to fill my laptop monitor πŸ˜™ πŸ‘Œ

the aesthetic/theme i was thinking of is going to be tough with this palette so i trying some other things out. this is taken pretty directly from pole position, and i love how the bright colors pop!

last update of the day. grass is now bumpy and slows you down. came a long way in a day! not sure how much time i will have to work on it this week before the deadline, but this was fun nonetheless. πŸš— πŸ›£οΈ

been noodling on and off since sunday, just not documenting as thoroughly. now we have an actual car model with spinning wheels and a text overlay πŸ‘€

this *might* just end up being a clone of the time trial mode from pole position and you know what, that's OK by me

working on the sky and clouds. here's what the geometry looks like, too. i find it easier to manipulate vertices than pixels tbh

lil pause menu. im going to have to finish it tonight to make tomorrows deadline ⏲️

attract mode, count down, menu, even a secret gizmos mode that turns on the debug geometry are in and sequenced. i swear coroutines have made writing this kind of code fun again (or fun for the first time?) its a joy to piece interactions together, wait for bits of code to complete, and the result is nice to read and maintain. i say this all the time but i *need* to do a thorough writeup at some point...

that's a wrap!

submitted within the deadline and everything. thanks for following along everyone, this was a lot of fun!!!

@nasser this is all giving me Another World vibes, looks awesome!

@nasser Ohh, this brings back memories of that one family we used to visit where the kids only had an old DOS machine for gaming well into the XP era.

@nasser was gonna ask how you got the pixelated look in blender, realized you did that in the game code

@SaulRS951 yeah that's all happening in three.js. it's an elaboration of the approach I describe here I'd love to be able to reproduce something like that directly in blender but it's tricky...

@nasser ah well, I use blender mostly for direct animation, might figure something out with compositing

@nasser it would fit nicely in with a project I'm making, so I shall pursue it and share the method.

@SaulRS951 I think I'm familiar with approaches like this, I don't think you can specify an arbitrary palette though? I think you may be able to flatten the color ramp to a limited gradient but that's not the same as providing a palette I don't think. for my use case I really want to just be able to drop in a palette from and swap them out quickly.

@nasser Color palette restrictions would be bad for my use case, so maybe instead of a global shader, I could use a toon shader-based material for all the objects?

@SaulRS951 that could work! a toon shader plus low resolution without anti-aliasing should be totally doable in blender

@SaulRS951 set render properties > film > filter size to the lowest value, 0.01 px

@nasser Love the look of the game, especially the dither shading.

What are you making it in? The palette makes me think of TIC80 .

@FredBednarski this is three.js, it's an elaboration of the approach i describe here: the palette is a constraint of the game jam I'm making this for

@nasser Oh, I like that! Will definitely follow both your game and the jam!

Will need to read up on your writeup - I am not a great programmer, but games of this style are really up my alley!

Is restricted airspace available anywhere outside of the original kickstarter? Would love to give it a spin!

@FredBednarski sort of! it's on my itch over at but the publicly released version is deliberately missing enemies for reasons I explain on the page.

@chirrolafupa @nasser Same here!
Also this is looking super neat - it was great to follow your dev posts as well.

@nasser it also does that, but bigger; to be fair im using firefox 79 for I forget what reason, but also, it seems to not capture the input, so pressing spacebar scrolls the page no matter how much I click on the game lol
idk, I should get a modern firefox installed

@nasser aha! this is a really cool demo <3
if you revisit it, some sound would add a lot, and see if you can fix the input events bubbling to the browser (idk if you can) or make it use wasd

@efi arrow controls were required by the jam, i can add wasd no problem tho one sec

@efi ok! -- events should stop propagating and WASD support is in πŸ˜‰

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@nasser it's a bit odd that it's not a multiple of 8? for the height

@nasser 1080 pixel high screen, I though screens were typically in multiples of 8 too.

@neauoire 1080 is a multiple of 8 no? its 135 x 8. its just not a power of 2. idk where 1920x1080 originally came from though. a low-res pixel resolution that scales up to HD is v cool though!

@nasser Oh, yes, of course, you're right πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ haha, I haven't had my morning coffee just yet.

But yeah, okay I can see how that's an interesting resolution to work with :)

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