not sure if my instincts are off so lmk how you all feel about this: "in a hypothetical federated git platform, i would like it if conversations in a repository (eg issues and pull requests) were stored directly in the repository as opposed to in a database on the server"

boosts appreciated

@nasser @technomancy I like the idea, but I’d need convincing given how git likes commits to be immutable(-ish). Opens up whole new forms of abuse.


@a @technomancy that's totally fair. every conversation becomes a "forever conversation" by default. I certainly don't expect the current GitHub workflow, where any random person with an account can wander into a repository and leave comments, could work in this scheme. I think the author of the repository would be empowered to merge or not merge comment branches from other people? the same way random people can't just push code into your repository? it's not totally clear.

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@nasser @a @technomancy As a maintainer I do get annoyed when random newbies wander into a pull request with off topic comments. On the other hand, I do want discussions to be open to anyone so anyone is empowered to start reviewing code.

@be @a @technomancy 100% optimistically, with some careful thought and deliberate design this is a balance that can be struck I would hope?

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