alpha version of tonight's jam!

some of the syntax:
- euc: euclidean rhythms
- ins: set the instrument for every note in the sequence
- fol: follow every note in the sequence
- rot: rotate the sequence
- cat: concatenate sequences
- $>1: schedule this pattern to run once at the end of the current pattern

the patterns alternate track numbers and expressions to mean "put the result of this expression on this track"

tracks of unequal lengths are extended to balance the final pattern!


the non-alpha live version will feature electric cello and vocals by my extremely talented friends who are jamming with my during my first show 😭 🙏

if youre in nyc come through!

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theyre not on fedi but im jamming tonight with dan ( and char (

ive learned a ton from both of them and i am very excited and grateful to be able to learn and make things with such talented artists!!!

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