here's a calm piano noodle to start 2022. 8fl is coming together nicely, though i probably need to overhaul some of the guts to incorporate everything ive learned. i am loving how terse it is. plugins used are felt instruments lekko piano and arturia tape mello-fi.

the approach is modeled around building pipelines. here's the result of each step:
minor-penta is the sequence of intervals in the minor pentatonic scale.
(scale :a-5) produces a note sequence in that scale rooted at A in octave 5.
(melo [9 1 8 1 3 1 4]) picks the 9th, 1st, 8th, 1st etc notes from the previous sequence.
(ling [2 3 1]) lingers the incoming notes by duplicating them, first twice, then three times, then once, repeating the sequence.
(euc 8 3) produces a euclidean rhythm.


it produces sequences of strings to hand off to renoise, which makes it a... string instrument 😎

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