Oh man, this is going to be challenging — lots of asynchronous processes involved 😬

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Trying to work through how to add support for automated testing to Ferro. I've been enjoying Behavior-Driven Development recently and I think it would be a good way to think about and test the functionality of Lua scripts. Probably I'll wind up embedding a Cucumber test runner in the application itself so that you can run your tests and your Lua app with the same tooling.

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The dream for Ferro is to be Grid Beam for the mind. Create your own living structures; build your bicycle to suit your needs.

All my brilliance disappearing in a puff of wakefulness

Trying to internalize "stop starting, start finishing" and limiting my work-in progress a bit better.

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Imagining a world where the statement "I don't have sufficient information or understanding to offer an informed opinion on this topic" is commonly heard.

Open, unabashed acknowledgement of ignorance and willingness to listen, read and learn.

Made a -inspired keymap for my . It’s making me realize how often I hit one key before releasing the previous one! Hold-tap modifiers making all sorts of chaos on my machine 🤪

Just passed my UK driving exam! Very excited to be able to finally explore Scotland by car.

I've been driving in the States for ages but it took a while to get comfortable with UK signage, signaling patterns, and roundabouts. One of my Scottish coworkers has been very generous with his time (and car) coaching me 😄

Trying to give my another go today. Most of the time I stick with my tried-and-true Kinesis Advantage, but it's a bit of a beast and the Atreus is just so damn cute 😋

Incremental progress on the Ferro project. I'm now getting to the point where most of the "application" logic is written in Lua. This includes mouse handling. In the past few days I got click and drag handlers working!

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of Merveilles: What words and phrases have you adopted from your host country that aren't common in your original home?

For example, I'm completely smitten by the word "wee" and how often the Scots use it to describe literally anything

I'm really interested in the nascent community organization platform coop space. It's great to see people focusing attention on providing alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and the like which are designed to foster collaboration.

I just found out about Hylo, which seems like it's still very young but has potential — what others should I be watching?

Finally got around to filling my glasses prescription today. First pair! 😎

It's really fun being able to see details in distant objects again. Makes me feel like I'm just tweaking the focus a bit in my camera; a little soft before, sharp now. I'm going to have to see if I can get my sunglasses adjusted as well!

Groups of people sometimes act biologically. There are levels and types of stress that you can put on the organism that cause it to incorporate and adapt, and others that cause it to harden, reject, and fight against.

Changing the organism is best done by the former, but there are limits: you can't completely alter some properties, because to do so is so threatening that it always elicits an immune response.

Sometimes it's hard to walk that line.

It's very interesting noticing my mind oscillate when I work on my side project. I often find myself thinking about "how do I make this usable for other people", only to realize a few moments later that I don't intend to build this for other people and the whole problem goes away.

There's something very freeing about building a tool just for yourself, though it's taking me a while to realize it in my thinking.

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All thinking, and by extension all of our work, occurs in context and should be situated within that context. It is impossible (and dangerous to attempt) to understand a decision, a design, or a system without consideration of its context.

Decided to go down the path and defer integration for the time being, primarily because I think it will be overall simpler to add interactivity via Lua coroutines than figuring out how to do event handlers with a 9P filesystem. Tonight I got the basic Lua interpreter integrated, and it can evaluate the simplest of all scripts!

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Vape companies are allowed to advertise with flyers in the mail? How messed up is that! We’re replaying the whole tobacco debacle in fast forward.

The alternative plan is to embed a Lua interpreter in the program and make it scriptable in a similar vein to Emacs or neovim. The major downsides there are that now you're committed to Lua, and there's more glue code required to integrate other Unix tools.

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folks: does anyone have a good way to mount 9P filesystems on modern MacOS?

For context: I've been debating whether or not to go forward with the "9P server as scripting interface" approach for my Ferro project. I like that it would make scripting easy to do in a variety of languages (I tend to switch a lot), but without a way to mount the filesystem on my primary machine it's dead in the water.

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