Yvon Chouinard is such a badass. What an amazing role model — someone who subverts the system’s incentives for the greater good. The only precedent I know of for what he and his family have done with Patagonia is the Zeiss foundation. I hope more business owners take their lead.

Just checked in again on Polar Bookshelf, to see if it was still a hot mess and hoping things had improved enough that I could reconsider using it.

Nope! Still the same freemium crap with a little FOSS-washing on top. Shame, they had an interesting set of ideas but they really burned a lot of bridges with their development model.

Ngl I kind of hate vaping. It’s stupid that somehow it’s become more socially acceptable than smoking. They both suck, and they cause harm to people who are exposed to their byproducts.

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@tty "dedicated bike lane" as in "bike lane exclusively for incredibly dedicated cyclists"

Amazing just how much seemingly small factors affect my mood. It’s so hard to contextualize them and to realize that just because I’m feeling grumpy or out of sorts now doesn’t mean I’m always going to feel that way.

The chat about making peach wine had me thinking about doing some kombucha. Never made it before, but I’d like to have some more healthy, carbonated drinks around.

Man, every band I want to go see is canceling their shows 😥

Spent the evening writing an Alloy spec for a system to try and force it into showing me how a particular, known big is occurring. The model checker wasn’t able to come up with an example 😩

My model doesn’t capture the full system behavior yet. Maybe I need a richer model 🤔

I like dog, and dog likes apples — so dog gets lots of little apple bits 😋

Thought I’ve been having recently: a “capsule wardrobe”, but for food. Specifically, a set of core/staple foods that combine well with many other ingredients to create tasty meals.

I’m thinking things like rice, pasta, olive oil, nut butters, halloumi…

Ooooh! We got an unexpected cabbage in our veg box this week; hoping my partner will let me make it into sauerkraut 😋

I think I’d like to play around with Alloy again. Hard part is to find something interesting to model 🤔


Finished my plum chutney! Wound up making just enough for two of my smaller flip-top jars, which is perfect.


Pico de gallo is so easy to make, and so tasty when fresh 😋 it’s just tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, and lime juice with some salt. Make it to taste, and use your spoon to guide you.

I have a bowl full of plums from my veg box, and I need to figure out what to do with them. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I might make a jam or chutney with them.

Maybe the Fermi paradox is resolved by just how stupidly expensive in energy terms it is to do anything technologically sophisticated

"Make Do and Mend", a 1943 pamphlet by the UK Board of Trade on how to care for and repair clothing to save on material, labor, and shipping costs during WWII: drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx6iR

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