Had a lot of fun today hacking on a silly little Rust program with some folks at my job. It’s an implementation of a multi-user kanban board meant to help with “lean coffee” discussions.

It’s implemented as an “SSH app”: you put it behind an sshd that lets anyone log in but force them into the application instead of the shell.

All state is on the file system with no database involved. Just plonk the code in a container/jail/what have you and it will work fine.

Hoping to open source it soon!

@ndpi A while ago, @makeworld linked me this:
«Soft Serve serves a TUI over SSH for browsing repos, viewing READMEs, and grabbing clone commands»

@kensanata @makeworld that’s awesome! I’m quite taken with this way of accessing simple apps, and I love when people share new ones 🥰

@ndpi To be honest I still don't know what to make of it. Is this better or worse than the web? Don't know. At least for the ordinary web, you don't have a process running if a visitor is just looking at stuff, I guess?

@kensanata @makeworld “better” and “worse” are so context dependent. I think “different” and therefore “interesting” is where I settle.

@ndpi Definitely makes me wonder. All I knew in the old days was playing MUD/MUSH via telnet; later playing NetHack via telnet… but I never thought about writing my own TUI via telnet or ssh.

@ndpi Heh, it's still there!
«To play NetHack on this server, just telnet (on normal port 23 or port 14321) or ssh»


@kensanata @ndpi @makeworld at least ansi escape sequences aren't *that* hard to implement, if a bit odd in places.

@kensanata @ndpi in terms of processes it's not a fair comparison, you're comparing a document (Web HTML) to an application (SSH).

When you compare a web app to an SSH one, it's clear that the SSH one is way lighter, because all processing is done server-side.

@ndpi I've been trying to make simple SSH apps for my server recently, but backed off a bit when I couldn't figure out how to secure it properly to keep someone from reading other files on the system.

@ndpi @devinprater That sounds epic! Gotta make me some SSH apps of my own now that you've reminded me they exist.

@ndpi i like this “SSH app” approach. it’s one step above telnet, and it feels more modern somehow. cool stuff. i may steal this in the future

@ndpi sounds nice! Please do announce when you release it, I'd be keen to try it out.

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