Does anyone else here watch Kirsten Dirksen’s YouTube channel? Tons of interviews with people carving off a better life from niches society has left.

Most recently for me, this lovely couple living a semi-monastic life filled with “appropriate technology”:

@ndpi we need a sign on the boat that says Use Appropriate Technology

@neauoire ha, thought you might like that one. Also the flour mill!

@ndpi my partner Jeannie and I made a video 11 years ago with Kirsten about the building of and living in of a little trailer we lived in for a year in the rocky mountains. Haven't thought about that video for a while...

Here it is:

We had a magical year living out of our tiny home, we have a stationary tiny house these days but we still spend about 6 months a year living in the wild.

@ndpi Yes. Not watched that particular one yet, I'm 3 or 4 behind. I enjoy about half of them.

@ndpi yes! Have loved her channel for years! Also check out the "Living Big in a Tiny House" channel!

@ndpi growing up I always enjoyed going to Orthodox Christian monasteries because everything felt so intentional. Im getting the same sort of draw to this homestead, as there are a lot of similarities in lifestyle :)

Thanks for sharing!

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