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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects.

There's nowhere on earth that feels as much as home as Japan.

Just spent the last few hours jamming on Orca, I totally missed downtimes.

I'm super excited for the Merveilles Meetup in Tokyo next week! Almost got everything sorted out.


Some info about the keyboard I use

(OLKB Preonic, Zealios switches in three weights)

Tomorrow, hopefully, I can get a SIM card and get internet access from Pino.

@brennan nice! what bike? I need better photos of mine... but i've been real happy with my current I got when I moved to van in august

was just looking at options for p2p standards

i'm going to be using webrtc primarily but i wanted to see what the state of the art in other frameworks is
(so i can cannibalize their architecture)

came across SSB, look who is in the promotional screenshot of their proof-of-concept app

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