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I don't eat out often, but when I do, it's more and more like "scan this QR code to see the menu", and I don't have a phone. So everytime, it goes something like:

"So we have huh, let's see huh.. let me go ask"

Implemented @save/@load to the parade interactive fiction engine. You can save you little world, put it online, and anyone can visit it through `curl world.txt | parade`

any articles/guides/useful questions to ask when developing a time/project tracker? Ultimately, I'd like to have some way of identifying amounts of time spent in various areas into my personal wiki. thinking more about methodology than actual software. examples of nice trackers also welcome.

Dehydrating grapes today. Going to take 24 hours. Tomorrow, same time, hopefully... I'll get beautiful dried grapes :>.

Our friends lent us a dehydrator, now we're pointing at everything asking "Can we dehydrate this, can we dehydrate that"

Found this plaque nearby dedicated to people who inspired us.

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