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Might get my hands on a 1975 brass lever pump soon! Exchanging emails with owner atm.

If so, we'll have a new galley pump on Pino :>. Our foot pump setup failed during the Pacific Crossing and we're looking for a more durable upgrade.

There seem to be a parallel between a sailboat and a computer.

We cannot find well-made parts built after the 80s, all the companies making quality products have gone out of business, and the market has been flooded with flimsy plastic garbage.

We finally found what we were looking for today, second-hand, built in 1978. I can't help but think of Jonathan Blow's talk.

I can't wait to have some time to complete Orca6502, the NES rom will include its own synth, so no complex midi setup, and will bring Orca on all platforms capable of running a NES emulator.

Current project is to spin up a viable personal website/digital garden/memex/wiki of things.

Heavily inspired by the work of some folks on Merveilles and the xxiivv webring...

Some ideas I've been throwing around :
- Flat file structure with navigation just like Oscean
- Lightweight markdown or some light text markup alternative
- Static site compiler, might be the occasion to learn a language and practice
- Minimal use of JS, if not at all.

When I installed #orca yesterday I immediately ran into a wall: how am I going to synthesize sounds? Run supernova? Nothing happens. Need Jack? Kernel modules? Whaat! Something something Sonic Pi? Nothing happens. Yoshimi? OK, I can hear something but I have no idea how this works. VCV Rack? Hey, sound! This might work. How about OP-1? Yes, that works, too! CC-DED-AE- banging on for half an hour to wake up the neighbours, I guess as I fiddle with stuff…

seeing another dev i really like, Ed Key (of Proteus fame) mostly posting videos from Cumbrian wilderness nowadays makes me think that pivoting from games to nature is a natural progression

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Mmmh I almost forgot that morning taste when I filled my with ideas I had the day before, accompanied by a good coffee. Such a good time that I have to (try to) make it a habit.

I don't eat out often, but when I do, it's more and more like "scan this QR code to see the menu", and I don't have a phone. So everytime, it goes something like:

"So we have huh, let's see huh.. let me go ask"

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