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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects.

We're leaving Japan in the morning, to sail across the North Pacific ocean to Vancouver Island. We will be at sea for the next 7 weeks. You can track our position here:

Oh shiiiit, we were not planning on leaving tomorrow but suddenly this morning, we decided to try, so we've been running around all day like crazy, and we're casting off tomorrow morning!

Last evening in Japan, we'll say good bye to our friends and finish sorting out the boat, omg.

@neauoire looks a lot like a bird with blue dreads to me!!

@glyph I'm sure you must have but in case you haven't:

Have you read mushroom at the end of the world?

We need some passage readings, if you have a bit of time and would like to packages a handful of TXT/MOBI things for us to read while we're underway, or recommend a good book send it over! I'll take it all

Updated the Hundred Rabbits resources and added the Wylo documentary and Mollymawk to inspirations.

If only everyone who read Harry Potter had just read all of Earthsea instead.

The protest vote is no longer throwing your vote to the greens or the libertarians. It's not voting for the other guy. It's no longer staying home. Hell, you don't even need to be registered to vote. The protest vote is now the riot. And if you can get enough rioters, that's your vote. No more voting with your feet. People will be voting with their fists. Passivity is over.

One fascinating thing about TAPE is that the themes are in SVG format.

The circles in the preview each have an ID that corresponds to a palette colour in the app. Using SVG enables you to get previews of what a theme looks like in macOS for instance, but without needing to install any special format stuff.

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Warm, friendly, humble and inspiring and fuck. A safe journey awaits you two ahead I'm sure. Hope we can spend more time exploring, laughing and chatting in the future ♥ @rek @neauoire

ten thousand showed up to protest in berlin *and* we raised a million bucks with games today. incredibly proud

"We built a boat to go sailing. Thus, by definition, every moment spent building the boat was a moment wasted; a moment spent not-sailing. Given this attitude, how did we keep on with the project?"

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