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Heading to the Broughtons for the summer, will be mostly afk as of monday. We have to do some last minute preparations today and put Pino back into sailing mode.

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I've planted lentils in the city's flowerpots, everytime I walk-by and see these green little tufts it makes me laugh.

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Added something like X Code's Pragma marks in my fancy little navigation bar, so I can better organize my source files by categorizing them into parts(drawing things, sprite things, vector things, etc..)

We were kidding around a few weeks back about how we could turn Hundred Rabbits into a shipping-by-sail company.

Well, we're completing our first delivery tomorrow >__>

I've been playing Conway's Phutball a lot these past few days, I transcribed the rules on my wiki if anyone is looking for a fun 2-players boardgame.

Martin Gardner - Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions

Freakishly good book.

@neauoire this reminds me of when i was using plan9, it would make nightly backups and it never came close to filling the drive, even after like, a year.

(copy-on-write backups, but still)

*makes a backup of everything I've worked on these past two years, source files and and binaries*


I think the best thing about webrings is seeing the sheer variety and creaitivity of website styles.

So many people put a ton of care and effort into their designs and it's really awesome to see.

(But also, it's totally okay if you use a pre-fab theme, not everyone is good at/has time for web design).

@neauoire A few week ago I discovered combinatorial game theory and found the book “On numbers and games”, guess who wrote it

So often I stumble on something absolutely genius, end up digging into it only to find that once again, it was invented by John Conway, of-fucking-course.

Fractran? John Conway
Phutball? John Conway

Unrelated fun tidbit.

Assembling the OS, with a Drifblim, an assembler written in the language it is assembling, takes 1.6 seconds.

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Working on an operating system is making me realize some of the shortcomings of the text-editor I use. The OS source is like 50k tokens, and I waste most of my time scrolling up and down trying to locate routines in the massive source file.

This morning I added a simple list of nearby routines to help navigating the project file, it also really ties up the interface together nicely.

Smalltalk syntax may "fit on a postcard", but, it's a postcard that hurts me. I do not like this syntax. It just offends my sense of aesthetics. Worse, I don't think this is syntax I could ever explain to *myself* let alone to kids.

And I survived 8-bit BASIC! But Smalltalk is still just alien to me.

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Next time I stop by the Hunted Bookstore in Sidney, I'm leaving with everything they've got by Martin Gardner.

The original 1969 printout for the game Hexapawn is has that 1969 modernism look and I love it.

The arbutus trees loose their dark red bark over time, they seem to love growing precariously over cliffs.

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