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We found a hole through the cast-iron head of the engine. Yanmar don't make those since the 80s. That's a .. big problem.

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We noticed that the exhaust was oily, so we took the engine apart today. And wow

I noticed that some images were buried so deep in my wiki that they were practically impossible to find, I even found a couple of images that are present in the diaries but just beyond the limits of what is being displayed on the page.

I wrote a little function to display them so I can better organize the log data for these photos.

So I've been working with an activist group to prevent forced evictions/demolitions in Karachi for the last 4 months.

Whenever me and my comrades show up to film the demolitions (and the attendant harassment of residents that comes with it), we get threatened with arrest.

Do folks here have recommendations for inexpensive & inconspicuous recording devices that can be used to surreptitiously record and possibly livestream such events as they're happening?

It feels so good to be back on the water. Where are we going? yes.

Spotted a Yamaha 36(Pino's bigger version) for sale in North Saanich, we've never seen one in real life before, it's huuuge, it looks like it has a HAM radio onboard.

"To limit the throughput of materials in a system one should also consider software’s ability to drive or diminish obsolescence. The expansion of unnecessary features and inefficiencies within software drive hardware obsolescence by making older hardware increasingly unsuitable."

Pino is back in the water—yay! Feels much better.

While in the yard, Pino was sitting at an angle (because of the shape of the keel) and it was rly awkward to walk inside XD...

I have a livecoding gig in a month's time, I'm planning on using the Uxn version of Orca IDE(incomplete) with the Uxn version of the Enfer synth(not started), I think it'll be a pretty fun month trying to put it all together.

I'm excited to resume my work on Uxn tomorrow.

@rra so limits is today, I was hoping to see a sort of link or something to attend? The site looks the same, is there a way to watch the workshops?

New blog post: a map of sorts of Mu's neighborhood in idea space, as I see it.

Comments most welcome. Particularly from @neauoire and @alderwick since I mention (and possibly misrepresent) Uxn.

Proximal trigger for this post: by @ekaitz_zarraga, which sent my brain on this tangent. Also midwifed by @vgr's exposing me over the years to imaginary maps and mapping as a useful exercise.

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