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@alderwick I was curious if I could rewrite the fillrect routine without using all these variables, and the result is a subroutine that's now half the size.(was 86 bytes, is now 53 bytes)

Thinking like a mountain(A Sand County Almanac), Aldo Leopold

rewrote the input code, can handle multiple inputs at the same time now

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Just pushed to Uxn my animated version of this wallpaper... it's a little slow on my computer, so it might need to be static in the final design 😂

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95% of the Webring sites that use RSS are now being accepted by the webring aggregator. The ones that currently do not either have errors in their dates, or random escape characters in their links, which all gets rejected by the back-end. There are about two out of these that I'm eyeing to fix, but for the most part, please enjoy.

Over the next few days I'll ensure the Cronjobs update the site properly and then I'll get to work on the Jinja branch!

A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met

Implementing orca in uxn is kicking my ass, maybe it's bigger than I can chew with my current knowledge.

hello everyone, i just moved from @npisanti to this account to complete the change of my online identities' handles

it could be i lost some of the followers, if that's the case just please add me again

thanks for the patience 🙏

@nleigh the moment i push a change to the nav, I see your PR, daaamn

"A barefoot hiker told me once that the reason we’re drawn to screens is that we’re looking for fire."

Fixed a hole in the ceiling that has been there ever since we got knocked down at sea and a big jar of alcohol broke the device that was there..

Woodworking day, building a weirly triangular shaped box to fit in a corner of the boat.

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