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✔️ Fucking marine engine problems
✔️ Батюшка
✔️ too much wine
✔️ drawing Sonic from memory

I can scroll through the memory and change the code and sprites of the running computer.

I'm redrawing the cursor pointer sprites and various characters in memory.

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hello, I am ruderubik/sybil :).

I don't really like to program generally, but I love figuring out how existing abstract machines behave. virtual machines/compilers flick a switch in my brain.

outside of computing my main interests are hiking and dancing. i also play a lot of dungeon crawl. wolves interest me

Rewrote the controller support example and fixed the slime trail sprite using the blending mode.


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The Toronto Public Library did a workshop on livecoding ORCA and Pilot last night and posted the video online.

If anyone wants to follow along:

(requires signup)

I get shit when I try to curate the instance, and I get shit when I stop. I think imma gonna take a little break from the fediverse for a few days now.

Tty soon 👋

There's 500 millions iPads on the planet, half of them sold before 2015, 22 different models. That's a lot of computers that need/will need repurposing at some point. Given the explosion in production in this kind of electronics this past decade, it might be interesting to target this kind of system :) Also includes old android tablets and phones!

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