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The oars were commissioned by the coast guard for these metal boat that bring supplies to lighthouses.

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relationship status: sending each other pictures of boats to potentially buy together

I have to give another talk in a bit, and I think I'll make my slideshow program in Uxn.

I changed my site over to use the 100 Rabbits C-based wiki builder. Now the whole thing builds in 0.27s. Yes, you read that right, about a quarter of a second!

I have lots in mind to improve with my site, but this new wiki/structure is a joy to write content within.

This is a still from Equinox Flower (1958), directed by Yasujiro Ozu. Sets are dependent on budget, location, and a myriad of other things, but I just want to take a moment to appreciate how perfect this framing is

In Ozu's films, often a whole story is told in a single frame

@metkis are you sure god created mushrooms and not the other way around?

The paradox of vertical farming

Artificial lighting saves land because plants can be grown above each other, but if the electricity for the lighting comes from solar panels, then the savings are canceled out by the land required to install the solar panels.

Two villagers cross the longest-known living-root bridge on a misty morning. The bridge is over 160 feet long and hangs over a 230-foot-deep river valley.

Hello everyone~

I am Myles, an ethical web developer, cyborg rights activist, graveyard wanderer and introvert.

Minimalist / nihilist.

Friends found some perfect cedar in a skip bin, so my van is finally getting walls! (Who throws this stuff out!?)

the mupid is a fascinating beast

aside from looking cool, it was an early 80s graphical terminal capable of vector graphics drawing and running programs directly downloaded from the network.

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