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I have this very silly idea that I want to try, will use this thread to share the experiment.

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my partially organised but still somewhat nonsensical looking notes from that massive thread about paper/analog computing from last year that @neauoire started

The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

All this to say that, well.. I guess I have to learn how to do aluminum welding now.

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My default mindset is something like entitlement, my life is a series of expectation from others to have done the the work for me. It's a crappy mindset, but I can't seem to be able to escape it.

I always default to thinking that someone somewhere has done the work and I can just use it, that things will be catered to my needs but they never are.

I spend countless hours expecting that a programmer, a builder, a shop, a factory, a workshop can help but in the end I have to do the work myself.

Redesigned the zoom UX, feels a lot better being a mouse mode.

@liaizon thank you and thanks to you i now have an updated site that is future proof. Seeing old sites I made get depreciated (flash) or broken (stacey) has really changed my approach + a lot of inspiration coming from @neauoire wiki, and general on simplification; low-power usage, etc

@neauoire @karlicoss's wiki is really a gold mine
i aspire to one day have a comparable wiki :)

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