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Why have people been posting 4 digit numbers with no context? Really unnerving.

Walked by the Woodworking School on Gabriola, they have some interesting structures.

I honestly think the problem with learning to program is the attitude of what programming is for.

Instead of another tool to think with, to create and explore with, it is simply a skillset needed for a job in technology.

How can people ever enjoy computing when all the programming jobs are so boring? Or when the operating system itself is hostile to making programs?

Or even more pathetically, getting told that you are wasting your time if they are not learning C, C++, or Java.

Added a visual guide(pink box) around the rectangle tool, and made it so tracing shapes from the bottom-right toward the top-left worked properly.

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"The vessels are destined for the Port of Vancouver, but use more than two dozen anchorages in and around the Southern Gulf Islands to wait for a berth to open in the port to pick up cargo such as grain, coal, potash or sulphur.
The Port of Vancouver says growth in trade, supply chain issues and weather-related delays have resulted in the Southern Gulf Island anchorages being used more."

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pushed a significant update to tutorial day 6!

now the drawing of the background is discussed in a more straightforward way :)

the generalization of that subroutine is now in its own appendix:

thanks @neauoire for the tip!

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Cold rain pours down on the boat as we cut through the fog, suddenly Post Malone comes on the radio and it's instant summer aboard

"Runaway but we’re running in circles" 🎵

first time using a pressure cooker that was collecting dust in a corner - i didn't know they were so great!

*measuring now how much time it takes to cook some frijoles*

When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff

@eris what's the name of that custom APL distro from that eccentric guy who has a yellow website?

We fled from the strong weather yesterday, I'm glad we found a good spot, it's blowing out there.

speaking of pong (?):

my proposal for POÑG, a large-scale digital videogame with logic provided by human operators manipulating electrical switches, was (again) not accepted for this art grant for "young creators" in mexico.
i guess they mean something else when having a category for "new technologies" 😅😂

i feel-think that if it wasn't for merveilles, i would have decided by now that i'm "out of my mind" for trying to bring that project (and adjacent ones) to life (?) :merveilles:

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