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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects.

- `escape` clear.
- `hold shift` erase.
- `left click` draw.
- `right click` line.
- `alt click` drag content.
- `ctrl click` half-tone.

I was looking for a quick sketchpad online. All these web based thing suuuuuuck, so I spent the 5 minutes..

- `right click` draw a line between two points.
- `hold shift` erase.

you cannot compress random data

Because Dummy turned 25, I felt like doing a bristol beat.

"One screen shows a blocky black-and-white grid filled with tiny letters and numbers. It looks like a cryptic version of Tetris, but I’m told it’s a window displaying a programming language called Orca."

Yay, fixed up my schedule, all thanks to and some script I cooked up in .
It's an mkfile that generates a tab-separated-values files with the help of some C for parsing.
It's a relatively small dataset, so a database would have been overkill and harder to work with, and the regularity of the format let me use grep and Acme's Edit command to do some pretty nifty things.

(well, technically plan9port, but I checked and my script works on a proper Plan 9 as well)

Merveilles meta 

Livecoding some TidalCycles tomorrow @ the local synth shop

Thanks for the really great afternoon and dinner @rek and @neauoire ! After not seeing them for years it was real good to just hang out and coexist 🖤

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