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Designer and developer, living aboard a sailboat — Drifting somewhere in the South Pacific ocean. 100% solar powered, building FOSS and Raspberry Pi projects.

I still need to make my inktober tomorrow, so I think I might make something like a whiteout, something that'll be very quick to render so I can build a quick 3d tool for the following day.

Linux Desktop Report, day 1: elementary is pretty great.

trying to permutate two random element of a track when a bang is received, there should be a more elegant way than this:

It'll export with perfect hairline so I don't have to waste time cleaning Blender's jagged edges.

I should have done 15 days ago.

I will make a 3d scene builder for noodle, so you can paint voxels of cubes, ramps, windows, etc as guides for the drawing.

I've been working on removing the freehub from Old Yeller since Sunday. Removing the cassette was a piece of cake. The fun, if you call many trips to the hardware store and Amazon shopping fun, was hunting the correct size hex wrench. I first bought a set of hex wrenches that went up to 10 mm since most of what I've read said 10mm is pretty standard. Well 10mm is too small. The local stores (Lowes, Home Depot, AutoZone, etc...) don't carry anything larger than 10mm. I hopped on Amazon thinking 12mm would do it. For good measure I bought a kit that went up to 14mm. They arrived today. The one size it didn't have was an 11mm. I think that is what I need to get the old freehub removed. Then I need to determine if any of the freehubs I've ordered are the correct one. Ugh.

I've changed my line of thinking with repairs. I want to handle them instead of taking the bike to the LBS. Once I learn my part numbers I'll be able to take care of repairs quicker. I came close to just buying a new bike but that is not who I am. I will ride this bike until the frame snaps in two.

Ride on. ☮

PS. Anyone need some hex wrenches? LOL.

I've had a linux distro(nixOS) for the longest time but only ever used it when I wanted to circumvent X Code, but I've had had enough, today I've got rid of the OSX partition.

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Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of ownership! Say goodbye to having any personal goods of your very own.

Also Capitalism: Sure, you have a right to what you own, but we never actually *sold* you a product, we merely provided a service/product on loan for which your payment has currently run out. *said about literally everything*

Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job, and was told to leave, on top of this i was told by the CTO that they need to get legal involved, how screwed am i?

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