I think I want to stop making tools for a while.

@stephen I'd like to use them. I want to do more concrete work, less abstract work, only for a year.

@neauoire I’m excited to see where it takes you. I’m cutting back drastically on my hobbies, to focus on just one. I hope this also helps me spend more time with friends. I’m surrounded by amazing people in my city, who I rarely see.

@stephen Let's reconviene in a year's time and see how we faired ;)

@neauoire build a new software application every season.

@neauoire create more (illustrations, animations, and tools) just for myself, and less for others.

Finish the first version of my exocortex

Pitch my open source bike camper and (hopefully) get it funded so I can work on it full-time

Move out of Loveland, CO onto new things

@dualhammers lol my car was purchased from a used lot in Loveland and is now halfway across the country. Small world.

This camper sounds cool!

@tulsi There are a lot of used car lots near me :P

I hope it becomes cool. It's something I want to work on regardless but having 6-12 months to work on it full time would be ideal. There are many homeless here and they don't have the tools or the tech to help themselves in a society that, mostly, won't help them

Makes me very sad

@neauoire I think I figured out another sub goal.

I'd like to dabble in Python - I feel like between using blender and other tools it'd be a useful language to have some fluency in

@dualhammers Nice! Python is great for IoT too! I'm sure @autophagy can help you with anything Python :)

@neauoire @autophagy It was Mika's site that reminded me I wanted to learn it. Probably going to use Flask as a framework for my site rather than Hugo just to get the practice in

@neauoire @autophagy (Ed's note: Matthew does not know if flask is a framework - just that it seems to be a way to create a static site system)

@dualhammers @neauoire Mhm! It's tiny framework for building web applications. I use it with Hraew to build a static site, but also with Scieldas to make project metadata buttons based on API calls: scieldas.autophagy.io/

@dualhammers @neauoire Blender is actually what got me into Python 👍🏻👍🏻

@neauoire i want to follow the software design principles you had gathered (which i can't find on xxiivv atm) and see where that brings me

@neauoire i was actually thinking of this list

(i have my own backup in my wiki :)

@neauoire ohhhhh this is news to me, i will devour this. thanks! :tealheart:

@neauoire I'll glad to share my plans, but you know what? I actually tend to overplan my projects too much, and generate way more ideas than I can actually produce, instead of completing at least a single one. I'm lazy.

I suffer from it. It's almost like a disease. I currently have 22 directories in my personal todo folder, and I want to complete at least half of them. But honestly, I'll be happy with even 3.

@ra I know this well :) Have you ever read this article on procrastination, more especially the pain of "starting"? While it might not be directly relevant, it might help.


@neauoire bold line is invaluable. Thank you so much

@neauoire I'm going for the "real" things in 2019. garage/studio/workshop
Started this project in May. Worked my ass off through the summer/autumn with local crazy blacksmith. Almost killed myself few times learning how to weld and work with metal. Still a beginner but never felt better. pl.pinterest.com/mojepiny/

@neauoire I think for me the most important thing I can do is remember myself and what matters to me.
I aim for more:
• discussion in small groups
• writing
• study
• experiments
• physical constructions
• coding
and less:
• business / organization work
• parties
• grand projects
• collaborations where I am the technical lead
• saying yes to things I'm not very interested in doing but that I can help a lot on

@salamander More introverted works it seems like.

I'm also beginning to value discussions in small groups more, and more. I find "personally crafted" exchanges to be more meaningful than to incessantly scratch the surface of a topic when actor in larger group.

@neauoire Narrowboat, but yes. I've been making small steps towards it, but I just need to set aside some time and do it.

@erbridge I'm happy to hear :) Keep me posted!

You'll never look back.

@neauoire Thank you. I've found your journeys very inspiring.

@erbridge It's one of my favourite channel and it might cover things that apply a lot more to the narrowboat lifestyle, than.. transoceanic sailing.

@neauoire In 2019 I want to finish Fuligo! With computer opponents, network play, and that banzuke-inspired high score board. 😎

@neauoire And maybe I'll make a game that's entirely new. I have a couple old ideas, but nothing particularly geared for mobile devices. That's probably a worthwhile design constraint to work with

finish my puzzle game, publish a comic book, visit Venice, get accepted for Estonia student exchange

@tomasteck Oh! Good luck wth the student exchange, visiting estonia is one of my dreams!

@neauoire Move out on my own, currently debating whether I get a mortgage for a flat or convert a vehicle for living in.


You have so many good options when it comes to vehicle conversions and even tiny homes in the UK

@dualhammers Yeah, another thing I was thinking is to get some land in a corpse if trees somewhere and just build a cabin.

@drisc This video inspired me awhile back. Perhaps it will do the same for you youtu.be/sB0lxYLULho

@drisc @neauoire I hear there is a good houseboat scene in the UK as well? Sometimes I go to the forums and gander. m.apolloduck.com/boat/house-bo

@uonai @neauoire I grew up near a marina, I remember looking at the narrowboats and thinking they were super cool.

@drisc @uonai @neauoire Getting back to your vehicle idea.
Defender builds are super cool too imho.

@bartek @uonai @neauoire Saw a few camper defender builds at a show once. It’s amazing how they can fit so much stuff in such a small build. My family actually hosted the family from A2A(a2aexpedition.com/about-us) back in 2017 while they did a refit. I wish I’d been more into this when they were here, I could have learned a lot from them.

@drisc @uonai @neauoire They are the closest thing to land expedition spaceship you can get. Pricey as hell too (but that's could be a good side because if you invest your time in a build you can always sell it with small profit ) It's a cult and bonkers car but it flaws can became his biggest advantages if you want them too. I've spend a lot of time thinking about getting one. And it's a done deal for me.

@bartek @uonai @neauoire That's great to hear haha, good luck in your overland adventures when the time comes!

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