I was just looking at the accounts I follow on Twitter(1000 of them), I think about a third? Maybe a quarter of them have been abandoned?

I have recently noticed that there was increasingly more Japanese tweets in my feed, and less things from people I knew. I guess a lot of friends have left and didn’t really say anything. Some people I’ve tried to look up on Facebook and their profiles were gone too. Have social networks died without me realizing it?

@neauoire I also noticed this on Twitter, I don't think it is social networks dying, only people that move on to new projects, or changed.

@neauoire I can't speak for the rest but I use twitter as a newsfeed. gave up on their video compression and only post doodles on instagram. Occasional rants I guess?

@neauoire I think some are falling away, and new people are joining, and we don't know those people

@neauoire People are leaving ads networks to join actual social networks?

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