On the screenshot it's the collapsed view without the sidebar. This is what the full width looks like @dualhammers

@neauoire I switched back when I left my super old t61p for my lenovo y50.

I never felt comfortable dual booting to do certain things since I just know windows so well at this point

@neauoire I hear Polaris is coming along. I might give it another go once I upgrade my SSD to have extra space for a second OS/set of programs

@neauoire This is so cool. I think I'm going to get a micro-computer to fuck around with Linux soon. I want to mess around with command line tools.

@ian You should get a Pi with the PiTouch Screen and case. It's a good easy build that'll introduce you to Linux.

@neauoire Not a bad idea. What faster SBC would you upgrade to?

@ian I'm not sure yet. But I've been eyeing the Odroid for a little while.

@neauoire Seems like the beefiest model. I took some notes on a possible RasPI build a while ago, maybe it's time to institute it.

@ian Even if I do get an Odroid, I would still recommend the Pi as a first step into SBC as it has an AMAZING community, just incredible people.

@neauoire Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The Pi is so supported, it seems like the place to start.

@neauoire @ian +1 recommendation, my portable terminal is currently based in that case.

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