Don’t like the official client? Tweet using echo -e "`date +%FT%T%:z`\tHello world!" >> twtxt.txt!

@neauoire looks like Fritter in command line (merge followers individual text file timelines)

@tbd yeah! That's exactly what I thought — It's like super lean Rotonde.

@neauoire @tbd

So this only works with other people who are using twtxt?

@teknari @neauoire yes. the good part is that only a text file that you can read/parse

@teknari @tbd yup! I'll give that a try tomorrow, I'll see if I can find some active feeds.

@tbd @teknari

This is the sort of minimalism in web that just cheers me up.

@neauoire @teknari problem: is just a wall of text, no structure, no path. maybe that's why I didn't publish my ramblings on the net - looking on how to display it

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