Two days of talks and two nights of live music, focused on algorithmic tools and processes.
Gray Area, San Francisco
March 22-23rd 2019

@magoz same, it's right during at the Merveilles Meetup in Tokyo..

@neauoire What are the dates of the Merveilles Meetup?

@neauoire My agenda in March is really packed with projects and trips, but I might have a few free days at the end, if so, could I join the Merveilles Meetup?

@magoz that would be sweet! We'll be there for a few months otherwise, you can meet us up there somewhen if end of march is not working out? I would love to meet. Keep me posted :)

@neauoire Oh yes! I'll definitely visit you, then! :- ) I have great memories of Japan. I was there last year. With two friends, we cycled around and slept in a tent for a couple of months.

@neauoire :tealheart:
Our bikes were essentially our Pino. Look how packed they were!

@magoz @neauoire I love these ^_^ we don't go too far on ours so they are never loaded up, but I love seeing different unique loadouts for bikes.

@neauoire and this is how the trip was. The landscapes were incredible, and very different every day. Japan is so rich!

@neauoire it was one of the islands before crossing to Shikoku (we started our trip in Onomichi). There is a very easy and pleasant bike path that you can complete in a day. I can double check tomorrow with my friend and give you a precise location if you want :- )

@magoz No no, I was just wondering to have a rough idea. The landscape was not familiar at all.

@mgr I don't know, but I'll keep an eye for the hashtag on twitter.

@neauoire Thanks, that’s kind of you! This looks like a super interesting event, but I won’t be able to attend myself :/

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