@neauoire They have very artfully created the impression of a video that will be seen by people who do not already agree with it

@neauoire Hey just a heads-up, but Extinction Rebellion encourages mass-arrests, which have long been regarded as a worse-than-useless tactic in activist circles. They also have a history of continually reporting the activities of other leftist orgs to the cops, which is incredibly suspicious and harmful

@body @neauoire I've been vacillating between the positions:
- These bitches have no praxis
- Instead of complaining I should try to give them praxis
- Actually, maybe this is praxis

@faun @neauoire From what I’ve seen my stable of Marxist analysts saying, all of these suspicious behaviors are emanating directly from the single guy in charge of Extinction Rebellion as an org, who apparently has a history of pressuring queer and PoC people to martyr themselves in useless ways, and basically fetishizes the idea of American prisons as a “radicalizing space”. IMO the guy’s got cult-leader eyes

@faun @neauoire Some people are accusing him of being a CIA asset and so on, which is also plausible imo

@body @faun @neauoire May I refer you all to the Green Anticapitalist Front? They operate adjacent to the catchier-named XR but they seem to actually GAF

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