@neauoire What kind of thing is that? The slightly translucent case it very subtle and nice

@echophon Oh yeah, I remember that being mentioned a bit ago. Cool! Thank you.

@neauoire I guess I should make it automatically completely disable the margins below a certain size

@neauoire no, but i could add one, if you give me a bit

@cancel That would be nice, there's a few people on instagram running orca on really small screens. No rush.

@neauoire did you take those pictures? if you want i can make a branch with a quick hack to disable the bottom bar and margins completely. otherwise i'm a bit busy this week.

@cancel no rush, I'm gone to the UK next week, I was thinking maybe I can just ask for tips on how to do this when I return. Someone suggested that we distribute a build of the core logic, that can be embedded in various clients and tuition wrappers. What do you think about that?

@neauoire that's probably a good idea. was their suggestion making it a single-file C library? or as a standalone server executable? or as a standard pre-compiled C library for linking?

@cancel pre-compiled c library I think. They wanted to embed it into a lua thing to use it on various devices.

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