The webring now has its own decentralized forum client :)

It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

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@neauoire next step way to add to your twtxt from any instance ? (Probably out of reach, but a simple we interface on ones hosted twtxt would be doable)

@neauoire like im on your hallway page, i can reply, with my identity.

@neauoire but there's no way to do that without sharing some kind of login database and it's pretty icky and hard

@ragekit what do you mean, well, it depends where you host your twtxt file. But I can edit it from anywhere, being on github pages. If your twt file is on FTP you can also update it from anywhere?

@neauoire no but i mean i cant go into your hallway html page and see a prompt and add an entry as myself

@ragekit Ah I see what you mean, my util is at the same place as my script, so I can edit it from anywhere, I can even post using my phone since it's just a github txt file that I can edit via the web interface.

This is what I use to create new entries in my feed from anywhere.

And from my phone, I made a ~iso command for XXIIVV that creates the timestamp for me which I can use in the web interface.

@neauoire thats nice ! so you're having a webserver running there in the end !

@ragekit no, it's just on my machine, and there's a git hook that commits on filechange.

@neauoire i wanted this for my diary too but im on too many machines !

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