I really wish I could use Mastodon on plan9 without vmx. All the mastodon clients are in node or python 😢

@neauoire All the clients call to a http api on the back, I don’t know what plan9s default language is but as long as you point a POST at the right url with a valid key you could technically do it in Bash.

@neauoire also just came across which seems like maybe it could be mixed with twtxt or something. looks like its based on plan9s werc. as always you sent me into a worm hole

@neauoire @liaizon Getting very close to v0.1 which will be usable but janky. I'm planning to release a small suite of software that rides on top of it.

"pleroma as a filesystem" -- mastodon restful api , slightly reworked, in the spirit of plan9 and suckless tools , lots of interesting ideas there
@neauoire @liaizon lmk if you can think of any ideas, potential usecases, or strong opinions you have off the top of your head

it's mostly JSON but also CSV or similar in some cases (eg: file presence, 1 line per entry, basic DB files)

for ex in ./users/ dir, users are represented by their flake ID, but "@user@domain" or "domain/user/" act as shortcuts. flexible to the needs of an application. I want to use the filesystem as an even simpler API than Postgres or Mastodon RESTful API

@neauoire Brutaldon might be possible to get working, but Mothra is borked and can't handle login
but it's been reported to work in w3m and lynks and whatnot

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