I kindda wish Ronin, Dotgrid, Orca, Pilot, Paradise, etc all lived in the same repo, or wrapper, shared their code and resources, and all talked to each other.

Like, Ronin would be the high resolution canvas, that paradise and dotgrid could draw pictures on, and they would all share the same terminal prompt. Basically I want Genera.

@neauoire if you turn each of them into packages that could be a possible future, while keeping separate repos for ease of contribution?

@neauoire perhaps create new repos that's designed to be then simply have those also update from any pushes to core code but not the wrapper.

Then have a main repo that's a wrapper so you can just pull in what modules you need.

Could possibly be a way to keep them seperate but together.

@neauoire Nice.

Lerna monorepo might be a good inspiration maybe?

I know for sure that Google has ALL their apps in one giant monorepo as well.

So the idea is actually valid.

@neauoire bookmarking this post so I can look back at it in 18 months when you've done that

@neauoire left is the code editor on the left side of Ronin...

@floatvoid exactly, that's precisely what I want to try today. Very much merge them into a freakish monster.

@neauoire Honestly would use the OS and develop for it in UX and desktop environment side of things. Count me in!~

@neauoire in some sense, having ronin be a graphics driver? or maybe window manager would be a more apt comparison?

im vaguely reminded of some GBA programming i did recently (literally just started learning it so!) where instead of using the "put_pixel" function for every individual function, you just make functions for translating more complicated shapes into pixels, and then build those up to things like letters

seems like a way that ronin could be used, in a more low-level setting.

@neauoire aw yeah

low level stuff gets me excited nowadays

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