@neauoire I'm so much into this right now. I'm a motion/graphic designer but I really want to learn a bit of coding and web design to create my personal website, exactly for the reasons stated in the article here. I also really like the philosophy of the IndieWeb. Thanks for the link and the extra motivation. :)

@mauro If you end up building your website, consider adding it to our webring :)


@neauoire Awesome! I'll be honoured. It will take a bit but I'll have my static website at some point :)

@mauro If you end up stuck, don't hesitate to reach out. The majority of us have been there at some point, and it might help having someone to bounce ideas with :)

@neauoire It's in development ! Like many others things... ahah

I am reaaally grooving on this person's website. Becoming an autonomous web and linux citizen has been a goal of mine and therecs a lot of info and experience on that encased here, but also the format is something I intend to study for my own use, just useful and beautiful.

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