Let's see what we can do for the decentralized wiki for the hallway. Who is ready to serve content as an ndtl file?


@_discovery @amorris @tomupom @jrc03c

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We can add a `wiki:` param to the webring entries next to `feed:` and I will make a section of the webring where we can browse the wiki created by our aggregated glossaries.

@_discovery @amorris @tomupom @jrc03c

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@neauoire @amorris @tomupom @jrc03c I can set mine up pretty easily, it's still there with your glossary heh :P (but I need to configure my server to treat it plaintext and turn off CORS probably before it's useful).

What I would be more interested in the goals of hallway-wiki overall

@neauoire @_discovery @tomupom @jrc03c wiki seems like the wrong key unless you're doing something like fetching an index.html and parsing out <link rel=glossary> from the head (vs. glossary as a key) - thoughts?

@neauoire @amorris @_discovery @tomupom @jrc03c how should duplicates be handled? IE: I have time definitions also, and also have 'equinox' def.

@cblgh @_discovery @amorris @tomupom @jrc03c I have not pushed the viewer yet, still putting together, I'm dealing with duplicated terms now, trying to display that in a neat way.

@neauoire @_discovery @amorris @tomupom I'll add one soon. I've got some content ready; I just need to dump it into a file.

@neauoire Okay, I've got one ready. Will you let me know if it cooperates with CORS?

@jrc03c Seems to be working, you can PR it to the webring, I'm working on that this morning :)

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