@neauoire it's amazing to see how a tool becomes a tool for making tools

@neauoire @kodedninja Curious how most of these can be summarized as: follow Unix philosophy & be nice(tm) to yourself

@angel @kodedninja They were taken from the unix guidelines, but I've only really seen them implemented in plan9.

But I use them as a reminder to never brute-force a problem, and always make things by proxies.

@neauoire @kodedninja Every time plan9 is brought up I miserably fail to understand why computing is so darn broken. Add "modern" WWW to the mix and all you've got is a pretty much unusable pile of bloat. Not only the classic "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to software projects, but also the lack of clean and interoperable APIs, formats and protocols is something I'll never get behind. Such a pity plan9 never took off...

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