@neauoire as an FYI @sjl said that this had some idiosyncratic usage of some functions. I don’t know enough Common Lisp to comment but I think it’s just meant as an mild FYI, not a cancel. :)

@whtrbt @neauoire @sjl weird lisp usage is still interesting because it's a very free form family of language. When I see something I like I tend to think "how can I port this to my lisp of choice?"

@electret @neauoire @sjl definitely. I’m starting with Common Lisp just because it seems like I’ll have a lot of room to grow, but I am interested in other options like ulisp

@whtrbt @neauoire @sjl that's a good option :) If you already have some javascript skills simplelisp (what was used as a starting point in ronin) is a nice one as it's very easy to extend it to whatever you need. But with CL you'll have a lot of learning resources to use in your journey

@electret @neauoire @sjl I’m the type of programmer who actually was never a programmer, liked computers since he was a kid in the 80s and only recently made continuous efforts to understand them. 😂

@neauoire It's a beautiful website, I'd never scrolled past the top before..

@neauoire this book is what got me into common lisp! It is very weird, but very approachable.

@neauoire I still remember reading this book a long time ago thinking how fascinating Lisp is. Now I'm on a mostly Vala (OOP language) mindset 😂

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