1) Complete secession of the use of nonrenewable resources by 2025, including all fossil fuels.
2) Redistribution of populations into communities of no more than 10,000 people spread across the landscape according to geographically bounded “catchment areas.”
3) Communities must decide together, democratically, how to rule themselves and create a stable-state subsistence economy using only the resources available to them in their catchment areas.

4) Each year, people must audit themselves and their communities and look for ways to reduce nonrenewable resource use. After the initial five-year period, this audit will continue to evaluate the state of the catchment area’s ecology to monitor for declines in any renewable resource or ecological system.
5) Resources found in these catchment areas must be distributed in a fair fashion, as decided on by direct democracy.

@neauoire Are these your notions are are you recording these from elsewhere?

@grey that's from the low tech manifesto I share just earlier.

@neauoire this is kinda fucked. what about the people who require resources from far outside these catchment areas? like medication harvested from plants that only grow in some parts of the world.

@SuricrasiaOnline @neauoire Medicine? Dark greens would rather everyone live in trees.

I'm half-joking.

@SuricrasiaOnline @neauoire I've been wondering for a while now how fucked I would be in terms of estrogen procurement if the industrialized society were to collapse :/
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