I'm trying to consolidate all the recurring questions in a sort of FAQ on XXIIVV.

If you have simple generic questions you've always wanted to ask me, and that you think others might also be interested to know, now's a good time :)

@neauoire Do you happen to know why a raven is like a writing desk?

@neauoire whats the significance of your neck tat and how has it effected your interactions with strangers

@neauoire Very interesting morning reading. It's great to read this, particularly all the part where you speak about having multiple interests. I'm struggling with that, i like many things and my friends keep asking me about what new I'm doing but in a "bad" way, like I'm always changing and I'll never do something, they don't understand. I just can't do the same thing for a long period, and I am very curious.

But you are like, it's normal to you, and it's feel good .

@neauoire Faq question, how do you pronounce XXIIVV? Xiv, x-x-i-i-v-v, 20210 ?

@neauoire Maybe not a generic and simple one, but I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding estimated focus hours contra actual spent hours when you first built Oscean. Unless I'm misunderstanding the concept, how come you ended up not logging actual work spent on tasks instead?

@patrik well I knew from the beginning that while I invested X number of work hours into something I didn't utilize all of it.

For instance, simply by using pomodoros for focused worked, there would be wasted time around these periods.

1 Focus Hour is actually a 25 minutes pomodoro. The idea is that 9 pomodoros(almost unheard of, or 4.5 hours of focused work in a day) was a kind of maximum, threashold.

@neauoire Ah, I think I understand. I haven't speculated much regarding how much time is lost when you supposedly sit down and focus on a task but I suspect it's more than one would think. I'd like to imagine I'm at least somewhat effective during my pomodoros, but not too long ago I also thought multitasking was good for me.

Did you decide on 1 focus hour = 1 pomodoro to make the tracking easier?

@patrik yeah, at first I had it down to the exact minutes, but after 15 years of tracking, I didn't really care so much to have all this extra granularity.

@neauoire Right, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification :)

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