@neauoire oh nice! i love using this grid to prototype. i just wish metric bits and bobs were more common / less expensive here in the backwards united states.

@beardicus I was actually wondering, do you have some details on the grid OS uses? Especially for round parts, maybe a printout/pdf of some kind?

@neauoire @focus404 they used to have a much simpler one... i can't find it anywhere (and can't find anything useful on the site). thanks for this one though!

@neauoire I love their system! My girlfriend, who worked a bit with them 2-3 years ago, is also designing some furniture pieces based on their grid. Such an interesting project.

@neauoire hrm, opening animations were a big no-no on our web 1 course...

@neauoire lot of this is actually made in Belgium, that makes me happy :D Need to dig deeper, fantastic concept

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