Super satisfied with this little board. I don't carry a phone, but I do enjoy listening to music.

@julienxx No, this is a pretty standard low power mp3 player from sanwu, I did tho, commissioned @mntmn to make an even leaner version of it.

@neauoire @julienxx @mntmn

Those buttons seem miserable, but I'd be curious too see the leaner version!

@grey @julienxx @mntmn I actually love these little clicky buttons, I don't have any problem with them, they're a lot better built than the buttons found on the microbit and adafruit playground.

@neauoire didn't know that (not owning a phone). Nice !
On my side, when my actual one will die, I'm considering either a simple phone or a free-software/spyware-free phone.

@neauoire so nice :D.
Is it able to broadcast bluetooth also (wireless headphones)?

@kor not sure about that, I just know that if I dont put a SD card, I can just send music via BT, like you would a BT speaker.

@neauoire Also curious what kind of battery life you're getting.

@grey still testing but it has gone for 40 hours and it's not dead yet, on a 500 battery.

@neauoire i appreciate it! i am considering buying the module and using in the hackerspace (revamping a set of old speakers and adding bluetooth capabilities ^_^)

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