We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

@neauoire @rek I thoroughly enjoyed that talk, you both did great!

@hushroom I think two good friends who trust each other is safer than 3 stangers.


Watching now; I quite like how bad I am at most everything I do.


I don't have a dedicated craft so I'm bad at a lot of things all time and it's quite rewarding.

@neauoire @rek this was a great talk, and frequently funny too. Hope Pino’s ok in the typhoon.

@dustin @neauoire Glad you enjoyed it! And for Pino, we trust the ppl at the marina :>, they're keeping an eye on our beloved.

@neauoire hey, I really enjoyed your talk, it's nice seeing you two :) @rek

@neauoire you guys seemed like professional speakers to me <3 thanks for sharing

@neauoire @rek I watched it last night. Love it :tealheart: Thank you for all the things you are doing ! You are a great source of inspiration.

@neauoire @rek That was great to watch. The blend of humility, resilience, complicity and humor you two display is very inspiring, and gives a special flavor to the way you share your experience. Keep the juice flowing!

@ice @neauoire We were concerned about how we'd come across, not having much experience speaking publicly :>.... but it went well, and comments like this make us feel even better about it! Thank you, so much <3

@rek @neauoire You're welcome! I think you just look sincere and natural and it's great since it matches your lifestyle and your work (though I may be biased since I'm not a big fan of the usual talks/video culture).

@neauoire you guys are so authentic :tealheart: That was really fun to watch ^___^

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