What's your favourite cli editor for ID3 tags(artist, album, year, etc..)?

For linux.

@neauoire (I should add, I do like eyeD3 but I haven't explored other options)

@neauoire I'd recommend kid3-qt. It's been the most reliable for me.

@aadil I'm trying eyeD#, suggested by @liam

Have you tried that one too? How do they compare?

@neauoire ahh I just noticed you said *cli* editor. I'll check out eyed3. Was actually managing my music library right now. This might be useful.

ncmcpp is an mpd client, that has a tag editor. So far it worked flawlessly. If you want auto tagging, then Picard is the only option, i think.

@dyske do you have a link for picard, it looks like a GUI from what I can find.

oh yes Picard is a GUI program. AFAIK there isn't a cli tool for autotagging.

@neauoire Oh, it might be GUI only. It lets you do batch operations within the GUI though.

@neauoire it's a good thing you use cmus for music. GUI music players on Linux are terrible with metadata and album art detection. Still haven't found a player I really like.

@aadil I just realized that cmus has a way to quickly send the selected track to a script, so now I can just edit a song mp3 tag right from cmus with eyeD3!!

@neauoire damnn that reminds of the integration between ranger and vim that lets you batch rename entire directories with a few keystrokes. cli apps are like magic once you learn to use them

@neauoire @aadil I’ve been using cmus for a while and I didn’t know that :O how does that work?

@aadil @neauoire I'm pretty fond of Banshee as a GUI player. its metadata (batch-)editing is pretty usable

@eel @aadil I really REALLY like cmus, I don't think I could do without. I just learnt that cmus has a "external" feature that lets you run a script on a track, so I was looking for a small util to edit tags :)

@neauoire @aadil yeah cmus is my favourite too! the only thing that keeps me from using it full-time is the lack of cover ar--- wait a minute, run scripts on a track you say?

@neauoire @aadil ok nice, I found the option I need to set to call a cover art script

@aadil @neauoire oh neat, this one image magicks the cover into your background image

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