So meetup in Berlin first weekend of December? Who's in?

@neauoire Since it might take a lot of time before you arrive near French coasts I should try to come. 😄

hmmmh, have a super tough schedule atm but i shall at least pretend to consider it

@neauoire not sure I'll be able to come, but would really really love a merveilleux meetup!

@johannesg we've been staying away from iceland because we haven't heard great things about the vegan food there.

@neauoire I am "part time vegan" and my wife is vegan. I can tell you that Iceland has seen some great changes in vegan food in the past 4 years. I've also heard it from Icelandic vegans that moved abroad and then came back for visit. The reaction is usually "wow, things have changed".

With that said, we are still behind. But it's a lot better than just couple of years ago.

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