New keyboard :)

OLKB Hi-pro mod Planck 6 hotswap, plate, Halo Clear switches and Acute caps.

@neauoire I presume you're using a separate numpad for numbers?

@neauoire Love your choice in keycaps, nice clean setup!

@neauoire That’s a lovely keeb, ortholinear is the way to go. Here’s hoping it survives the sea better than the Vortex.

@drisc I'll take such a good care it, it'll always sleep in its pouch.

@neauoire Maybe you can find some way to seal the PCB as well so that the salt air can’t get to it?

@drisc I doubt it, there's a few big gaps, where the usb connector is, etc..

@neauoire Ah yes, I didn’t think about the connector

Beautiful. I have two plancks that I use daily. Ones a black mid-pro, while the other is a white mid-pro. The idea was to keep the feel consistent, so both utilize blank SA profile keycaps with tactile grey cherry switches.

@neauoire these are great, I have two and one Preonic, and a serious problem

@neauoire You went with the teeny tiny Planck!
Let me know how it goes without that extra row
I went with the Preonic, and I feel like I've gotten used to how small it is, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable on the Planck

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