I'm looking for a place to stay in Berlin during the first few days of December, if you can help, or know someone who could, please let me know :)

@neauoire Dang the person I know moved to Munich, which I assume doesn't work.

possibly both, how long would that be? DMs also open

oh and would that be you on your own?

@neauoire Which days? I can possibly offer a sofa or an unused kids room.

@KnowPresent I found one couch already, but I since I'm in berlin for 4 nights, I would like to spread my time over different places to not inconvenience anyone.

I will be there from the night of the 4th, to the night of 9th, if you have an evening in there during that time that works well for you, I'd love to stay with you :)

@neauoire Ok cool! The 8th - 9th are definitely fine, I can check on the other nights later today.

@KnowPresent That sounds amazing :) Let me get back to you about this when the date gets nearer! thank you

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