@neauoire that explains why I love retro games that try to do too much for the hardware of the era -- polygons on the Sega Genesis, voice clips on the NES, etc.

@lyliawisteria @neauoire

Not to knock on Eno who’s a genius, but the transition to CD from vinyl a few years earlier had brought all manner of audiophiles out of the woodwork complaining about how they missed the cackling. Eno is just being observant here; he didn’t predict the future.

@suetanvil @neauoire he was being observant about that way before anyone else, i think. i didn't say he was predicting the future.

Remember that artificial VCR noise in retro synth videos?


@neauoire weird, i posted this citation a few years ago and i thought yesterday, i should repost this now.
I suggest you to dig into his work : his book "Visual Music", ambient music generators, oblique strategies and stuff.

@Fugue @neauoire

Mervin Vailles
"Lost Together," 2052

mixed media and generative adversarial networks

Here Vailles leverages a neural network trained on panicking rodents to juxtapose broad, earthen paint strokes with flecks of discarded plastic, to convey the desperation of late stage capitalism: bleak, myopic, and obsessed with unsustainable distraction.

"[The algorithm] arranges the flecks into endless lists of 'posts' and 'comments', which was the custom at the time," Vailles remarks.

@neauoire Best thing on the net today! 🤘🏼🙏🏼♥️

@neauoire I had read something similar from the 70's too. I dunno why or what but there was scene at that time. I was born in mid 70's and found 70's music as a teenager. What Brian says encapsulates the 70's and 80's perfectly.

@neauoire Does this mean that a medium without limits would be ... kinda dead?

OCR Output (chars: 824) 

@neauoire I love, how you can put pretty obvious things into complicated words and get "deep" meaningful quotes out of it.

I mean the quote is not wrong.

But it pretty much just said: imperfections of a medium will become a stylistic device, because they are inevitably a defining features for the art of an era.

And artists will turn all kinds of limitations and kinks into "features" because that's what they do.

@neauoire and don't get me wrong. I find nothing inherently wrong about that and a lot of philosophers have done it in the past.

But then there's also those, that will explain the most complex concepts with the easiest words and I personally like this a lot more.

Let me recommend this YouTube channel:


@neauoire @balrogboogie I love the irony of sharing this as a screenshot of text because microblogging limits character count. Or, in other words, “The screenshot of text is the expression of a writer who has more to say than a single toot will let them.”

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