@neauoire ish. I read it allready. It was a long time coming :(

@neauoire the "notarization" thing adds and extra 30 minutes or more every time I want to release an update for Ripcord on Mac. it SUCKS.

and they're going to make it worse in January by further tightening what you're allowed to have in a "notarized" app... I might just stop "notarizing" and signing Ripcord on Mac and the Mac users will just have to disable gatekeeper to use it

@neauoire salt in the wound: if you don't "notarize" it but do codesign it (cryptographic verification the app wasn't tampered with or infected with malware after publishing), it's impossible to run without screwing with the terminal (even right-clicking to run won't work.)

but if you don't "notarize" it and don't codesign it, you can still run by right-clicking and doing the dialog-tries-to-scare-you dance.

they're blackmailing conscientious developers to use their censor system. it's so bad

@neauoire "use our new system or NOBODY gets security, it's your fault"

@neauoire disclaimer: i haven't checked this in a month or two, and maybe they changed it. but that's how it was back when i checked it.

if it's changed since then, anyone else reading this, let me know. :)

@neauoire This is one of the many reasons Mojave is the last Mac OS I will install. While I need a Mac OS for work, I'll hold on to it, but yeesh.

@neauoire I'm still 100% confident in the web stack. Please reach out if you folks need any sort of port support, sport.

...Wait. Ports! Shoot! I left Verreciel on the back burner a month ago, didn't I? I'll try and wrap that up this week 😅

@rezmason no rush :) I'm pretty much focusing on music until december 6th.

@neauoire This is so so sad and such a bad decision...
I mean, we can always hack macOS and ignore their crappy gate keeper but it's such a shame to have to do this.

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