5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups

The license must not discriminate against any person or group of persons.

woah, that's like such an easy target for the paradox of tolerance, I can't believe it's there.


I don't want to believe that FOSS would tolerate intolerance.

@neauoire honestly at least half the time it feels like a good chunk of the community endorses it

@neauoire this is why I stopped engaging in these communities, these people are literally insufferable.

@neauoire and as has always been the case for me, the OSD / OSI can get lost with their definitions, because they're terrible for open source. Nobody actually made them an authority, they just chose to be one. All their religious zealots that follow and harass anyone that gives code away, but doesn't comply to their silly rules, also belong in the bin.

@neauoire I'm still not sure how I feel about licenses that restrict usage from certain parties. It feels like a slippery slope to people restricting usage solely on the basis of ideology.

I think that comparisons with the Hippocratic Oath aren't particularly apt, as a doctor's job is an active one. Their actions are directly helpful or harmful.

Whereas as developers our actions are indirect. We produce software which may then be used for good or for harm.

@neauoire Note that I do think that the argument changes once you involve software *companies*, as they can directly choose whether or not to deal with a particular group (e.g., GitHub selling their software to ICE).

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