it's only 6$ extra to fly carbon neutral with KLM *___*

@neauoire oh, how does nature compensate for co2 with money?

Does spent money bind co2?
Do airplanes fly using magic when paying more?

You are not flying carbon neutral just by paying more.

@lerk huh? KLM just plants trees in Panama from my understanding.

@lerk the extra donation goes into carbon capture from what I can find on their docs.

@neauoire still, the pollution is produced and in the atmosphere immediately when flying.

Trees take time to grow and bind co2, as does checmical carbon capture.

imo paying extra for carbon neutrality is a fraud unless there is something done different (like paying more for a pellet furnace instead of regular logs)

@lerk @neauoire They supposedly invest the money in 'carbon offset programs'. It is a positive step and by no means a complete solution. It's part of a strategy that includes reducing flights too...

@lerk @neauoire it's marketing of course, they're "monetizing" our care for the environment. But still I'd be happy to pay 6$ more if they use them for something valuable.

@neauoire Yeah it's not that much, when I flew to the UK last month I paid 1 euro extra for carbon neutral flying.

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