Just received a message from someone using a screen reader, thanking us for making something that is optimized for text browsers.

Apparently, most recipe/food blogs just don't support screen readers.

@neauoire I can believe it. Most webmasters are either ignorant about it or don't care. Drives me crazy. I used to teach disability compliant web design.

Most food blogs look and run terribly do this doesn't surprise me

@neauoire do you have any pointers / insight on writing screen-reader friendly websites? As someone who hasn’t thought too much about it, I have trouble separating out the genuine advice from marketing when searching

@amorphous @neauoire For work I sometimes help build websites that have to fit accessibility standards, and here are my tips:

1. Care about accessibility. A lot of websites aren't accessible because no one ever cared to make them accessible.

2. Keep your design simple and clear. This will make your site easier to navigate with a screen reader, and it will also make your site easier to use for all of your visiters.

3. When in doubt, test it out. Download a screen reader and see how well it works.

4. Read up on WCAG. It's set of accessibility guidelines made by W3C that are considered the standard, and you can find a good amount of information on how to build websites that comply with them.

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