"Websites downloading 50Mb of data and making hundreds of requests to serve 6Kb worth of text."

@neauoire I've made it a habit to block such sites on /etc/hosts. For me, sites like Medium and Quora no longer exist. The only downside so far is potentially missing out on genuinely interesting content.

@neauoire Hacker News is almost always sending me to annoying sites, so much so that I built Kumo to weed them out. Whenever I load 100 of the top stories, only ~70 make it through.

@joshavanier I've only ever visited HN once or twice, but do you know Lobsters? It seems to be a digest of HN from what I understand, and you can filter entries out by topic.

I check lobster everyday, and I have it setup to just display relevant topics.

@neauoire Yeah I know of Lobsters. Topic filters are useful but that doesn't tackle the problem of being shown links to unsavoury sites

@joshavanier Yeah that's true. I like the term "unsavoury site", very fitting.

it's not the best that we have to consider this, but i would say, a really good cloud based user-agent that can sit in the middle & interpret seems to make all the sense in the world.

there's half a dozen incarnations of this idea already. amazon silk, opera turbo, a bunch of others more botique incarnations. we're still missing a good cloud browser for the console, but this is totally doable.

and frankly i'm not sure that we should try to change the status quo. i hope some day we get better. but right now, this feels like unnecessary self-flagelation.

yes. we webdevs are bad. yes we use overblown tooling. but we only just created this tooling. before this heavy bloated tooling we had jquery. which was created out of desperation, a 1.5G technology of need. this 2.0G web is bad. but it is an _amazingly_ better developer experience.

ok so yes, we need to change the status quo. this is excess. we need to hone our technology better.

but not immediately! the web is the thing. we're doing great at it. fantastic. we have a bloat issue right now.

but if we tried to send this up, make a huge stink about it, we'd cause VAST amounts of pointless work.

we don't yet have the solutions, the better framings. & only organic growth, the slow emergence of better, will yield the health we seek.

i am so sympathetic to the problem, to how excessive things have gotten.

but please. let us be mindful, let us be aware, but also let us not be reckless. there are cloud-based optimizers that we could continue to do great things with. and we are slowly, organically developing webtech that might not be so bloated. we don't know what those look like, it's so early, but we are learning.

sounding the alarm seems liable to waste countless cycles when we have no good answers for how to improve yet.

postscript, i was replying very heavily towards your clipped quote, about 6MB pages & ¾kB payload.

there are countless radical vast other ways users are being abused online. but again the web is a masterful super hero. we can't handle all the vulgar misuse, but, some examples:

notification requests? firefox decided to fix that, yay.

gdpr & cookies aggravating you? thankfully the user agent is extensible! de-clutter these automatically!

but also i had no idea so much of twitter was totally unusable without being logged in. no looking at likes? no looking at moments? this is hell. fuck these fucking demons. burn them to cinders. these are foes of the public, enemies of civics. burn these demons.

@neauoire i like this piece a lot better than a lot like it that have come before. still, the quote seems a little misleading. the problem isn't a technical design decision about how to serve text content having been made poorly; the problem is that the whole economy of the internet does not support free text content in a way people remember without tracking for advertisers, user metrics, etc etc

> Here are some of these websites, who have managed over time to turn the user experience almost unusable for anyone who doesn’t have an account. 
> ## Facebook

You know what? I feel a genuine pain and anxiety when I see someone browsing fb.

@neauoire shit like this is why i don't even view the web anymore without an adblocker, scriptblocker, addon for locally serving common js like jquery, and very customized browser. it's insidious how much of our lives are harvested and sold by these frankly evil megacorps.

@neauoire That's getting really close to the size of stuff like Netscape's statically-compiled tarball…
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