Quick list of energy usage of video-game systems (using manufacturer provided ratings)

@neauoire oh shit I didn't notice that little "x10" at the bottom uhh wow

@neauoire but yeah the backlight of the SP is what kills it.

@neauoire Well to be fair most of those are handheld systems. I think the small jump in power consumption between the first gameboys (no backlight) and the SP (with backlight) is funny also.

@neauoire I just replaced the screen of my NGPC with a baklit one and I was amazed when the two batteries were depleted after 15 hours of "Card Fighter".

The PS5 and Xbox X Series will be terrible at power consumption.

@neauoire @ZikZak I recently compared PS4 power usage to a Switch and was NOT impressed by the PS4 in that regard.

@neauoire The GBA SP is such a perfect system. 🤩

@grey very much appreciated my friends SP, though my adult sized hands turn into lumps of carpel tunnel holding one.

@peregrine Yeah, a slightly larger firm factor would be welcome.

@grey there are several emulation hand helds coming out of china these days that look promising.

Neo Geo pocket, really? The system was ahead of its time in so many ways

@neauoire Nice chart! I got a Switch Lite recently and I was checking the power usage. It's supposed to max at 7.25W with a demanding game and full brightness, less than 3W with a less demanding game and lower brightness. I think that's super impressive given what it can run and that it's a current gen console.

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