@schlink @neauoire I've read the intro and the first 3 things they say they are, but I still don't get it. Could you sum up what this is in a toot? Thanks


@forteller @schlink

The DMs intend to challenge stories which underpin civilisation:

The myth of progress: That tells us that we are destined for greatness, that we began grunting in the primeval swamps, as a humble part of ‘nature', which we have now triumphantly subdued.

The myth of human centrality: The myth that humans are the point and purpose of the planet.

The myth of separation from nature: The myth that humans exist outside of natural forces, and that nature can be vanquished.

@forteller @schlink If this sounds like something interesting to you, my recommended readings are:

Ishmael: Daniel Quinn
Don't Sleep There Are Snakes: Daneil L. Everett
The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert

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