No new hobbies, equipment, games, or books are allowed during this year. Instead, you have to find the value in what you already own or what you’ve already started.

@neauoire Dude I'm gonna be honest I have enough books that I haven't even read yet to last me a few years.

But those humble bundles...

@estoricru @neauoire When I turned thirty, I found myself starting to form a habit of re-reading books that had a big impact on me in my first two decades.

Reading a book annually, or every few years is an interesting practice. Particularly when you start judging every book you read by the criteria of: If I could only have books that I must read every decade, which books would be worth keeping in the personal library?

@lordbowlich @estoricru I totally agree, I often think to Thoreau's "Don't read anything before you've read the classics"

I must have read and re-read Aurelius "meditations" 10 times by now.

@neauoire "rich but carefully curated collection of personal interests, rather than the hoard of mostly-dormant infatuations"

oooff, RIP.
I'm so in two minds about this.
It would be hard to be actively preventing oneself from falling in love temporarily. An actual suffering by choice. You could look at it from a trial by fire point of view, like a cleansing fast. But I can't not see in it, the horror of leashing one's creative potential and the objective benefits of partial pursuit.

@nomand well I can think of a few people I know clearly hoarding hobbies, like like distracting themselves from their distractions, but if I had to guess the problem lies inside not outside.

@neauoire For sure. I also have a number of infatuations and leftovers I could certainly cull. If not for the mental Marie Kondo exercise, it'd be to clear the valuable physical space.
It's the whole question of to generalize vs. specialize and I'm of many minds about that too.

@nomand I'm definitely a generalist like you, so I get that. But I try to focus only on the many things that aligns and can bring me closer to where I wanna go, so already takes a whole bunch of distraction out of the picture.

@neauoire I think I'm vulnerable to analysis paralysis when it comes to "settling" on a path of long-term learning. Ultimately we have to miss out on most things by the way of choosing very few things, and I find the notion deeply unsatisfactory.

@nomand pick broader things?

But something that is quantifiable, like something that you can rate against your goals to see if that thing you feel like doing brings your closer or further away from your "broad" goals.

@neauoire this includes new programming languages right? :P

@peregrine Yeah, I guess, I'm already super disqualified from having picked up c99 and asm. But at least, I know that I'll only dive deeper this year as ll my projects now involve these 2 languages.

@neauoire Yea the spirit of the article is to consume less. Uncertain if tools should could. Assuming your using them towards existing hobbies.

@neauoire Oof — accurate diagnosis of my personal illness but a hard to swallow cure.

@neauoire Oh the topic of the blog (which was a good read, adding to to my RSS). This seems like a portrait of myself.

I love trying to pick up new skills. I got a piano, a violin, a guitar and play all to various levels of poorly. I draw. I have a closet of photography equipment. There isn't an outdoor activity I haven't wanted to pursue or language to try learning. Professionally, I pick up new languages and frameworks and drop them for new shinnies continuously.

5 years ago I start to focus my attention down on a fewer things, I'll never get anywhere with all these new things -- and the new things really didn't bring joy, just more stuff and less time working on projects that really inspired me.

Still working on cutting things down. Doing my end of year reviews and trying to recognize new things that I picked up that were missteps, projects that felt more like chores than hobbies, and things that I dived into deeply that I should keep a focus on.

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