1kb of CSS should be enough for anybody.

@neauoire uncompressed and unminified? is 578 bytes of css, but it's also a very simple page. I think < 1kb is challenging!

@nikivi uuuugh.

I was looking at the zelda rom earlier, the whole game, soundtrack, assets, etc is 41kb.

@neauoire technology and design are going through a stage of obesity.

@toon @neauoire One of the bigger issues I find is the misaligned incentives for most everything that is created.

It's very hard to get people to donate if they don't want to. But internet content is assumed to be 'free'.

But the incentives are misaligned in other ways too. Like having Twitter place the big blue button somewhere because it 'drives engagement' although most users don't use it (for a reason) so it wastes space.

@nikivi @toon Nowadays I browse in reader view 90% of the time. I download SO MUCH garbage that I'll just never see.

@neauoire @nikivi there's a huge drive too to "push the boundaries" of an application through more expressive design or thorough engineering. But those are simply symptoms of viewing design as something that has to have a "wow factor" or engineering that "has to scale".

@toon @nikivi When I saw "dark mode" coming about, I started to think that maybe in the future, we'll have more control on how we decide to see things, and the content itself will not be themed at all. Just semmantic API design.

@neauoire @toon Speaking of design. I find your new wiki design much nicer to navigate than the old.

The old one was confusing in many ways, not sure why. I guess you also have a kind of 'language' that is not totally obvious although is a e s t h e t i c 🙃

@nikivi @toon It's been a struggle to make my site easy to navigate, turns out to solve this specific problem I didn't have to ADD anything, I just had to remove some things.

@neauoire @nikivi @toon The old wiki didn't offer language up front. You started with a list of mystery terms and found your way, which was perfect for assumption-less discovery (to a first-time visitor). Current design facilitates reader's interests by grouping items by categories, though that means they may never discover something outside of their bubble of interests.

@nomand @neauoire @nikivi @toon what about including a random button that takes you to a random section every click?

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