@neauoire I know he gets flak for being pretentious and for some bad comments in the past, but I'm always pretty interested in him. Eager to listen to this.

@ian Before listening to this, have you watched his talk about the Collapse of Civilisation?

@neauoire I watched this last night. Definitely interesting, like most of his stuff. Actually, my thoughts about it are pretty in-line with a lot of what I've seen from Blow: a little shaky on the history and platitudes, but thought provoking, and well-directed. What did you think?

@ian I enjoyed it a lot, he talks a lot about where he comes from and the work he did with hardware specific projects which gave me some context for his take on things.

I enjoyed his rant on Rust and package managers, I don't like how dependencies are handled either and this resonated with me. I like his type of minimalism.

I like that he wish people would learn more about how data is mapped to the hardware and that developers would design around this new knowledge more.

@neauoire All good points. I've asked Colin before about this: if no one could build a modern CPU from scratch, doesn't this put us in a weird situation? Of course, his focus was more on software.
It is funny though; you hear that guy talking about building the core of Unix in three weeks, but that doesn't happen anymore. Why not? There's a few experimental OS's being developed, but they're few and far between.
Of course, Blow is building his own language and compiler, but that's just a start.

@ian well, I think it must have also been bizarre in the past to build your own OS, I think that Time seem to condense decades into a seemingly shorter span of time than it actually was.

Perhaps, we've reached a kind of "good enough" that makes it harder to find motivation too. To be honest, I have no idea how we got in our current position.

I've been reading Made To Break, and it talks extensively on that sort of topics. It points to a few bad agents, and death by a thousand papercuts.

@neauoire I think a key thing issue sort of bounce around is that in the game dev environment with the constraints of doing everything in 1/60th second is different than the constraints of client/server application of open a bunch of IO, wait around for it, and do that in parallel as possible.

Oxide folks didn't really know how to lead him in that respect. But overall it was another good jblow interview!

@neauoire and like it's not something we do well with.

Whenever someone tries to sell me on new language or tool but doesn't discuss their environmental constraints I know they aren't a serious person.

@neauoire This is, without a doubt, the best podcast episode I've ever listened to.

@neauoire I think one of my pet peeves is when podcasts have interesting guests but then get constrained by the length of the episode. Not the case here, seeing as it’s three hours long 🙂

@neauoire I have not. Should I take this as your recommendation?

@maxdeviant I think you'd enjoy it. There a couple of good ones, I especially like the LISP-related ones, like: omny.fm/shows/future-of-coding

But maybe like at the list of episodes and find one that sounds interesting?

@neauoire probably the most lucid explanation of video game programming I've heard

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