fucking lua arrays starting with 1, breaks my mind

@neauoire It's an insane choice for overall a very wonderful language/toolset/ecosystem.

@peregrine @neauoire thanks; I'm not the actual creator but just one of the lead developers. definitely let me know if you have any questions tho.

@dualhammers some of my stage visuals toolchain, I'm thinking making a NES rom to host the visual assets and control it via Orca's UDP.

@neauoire Neat! Hope you don't have a deadline - sounds complicated

@neauoire @dualhammers

why don't you just make a rectangle in the orca grid share a memory region with the NES RAM

@cancel @dualhammers Because that's not really how I do my live sets, each midi operator usually have a J bridge down to a UDP operator to bang the visuals in sync

@neauoire @dualhammers ah. just seems weird to involve networking and lua in this. some other way to connect them?

@neauoire are you performing it on actual NES hardware?

@neauoire OK, it actually my idea looks a bit too challenging. I was going to suggest you create a custom memory unit for FCEUX that lets you map in stuff from orca bangs or regions as memory you can just read from in asm, but you'd have to then do IPC or something between the orca process and fceux. also fceux looks kinda tricky to build. so it's easier to just rig it up using UDP+LUA, probably.

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