Nasu is a spritesheet and nametable editor designed to help us design and assemble the assets of our famicon games.

@neauoire oh wow, this new layout makes it work sooo well

@neauoire Making progress! I‘m looking forward to see where you‘ll take this!

@rostiger I doubt I will need to push this much further actually, it's feature complete as far as I'm concerned :)

@neauoire Nice! I was referring mainly to the games and tools you will build using Nasu. I’m not very knowledgable on hardware or rom emulators so I‘m curiously following your Assembler adventures.

@rostiger ah! yes : ) Well, Rek will be the main Nasu user. I'm excited to see what comes out of it too!

@neauoire useless derivations of Nasu in romanian:
* naș = godfather
* nas = nose

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