Jim Keller: Moore's Law, Microprocessors, Abstractions, and First Principles | AI Podcast

"I imagine 99% of your thought process is protecting your self-conception, and 98% of that is wrong."

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@neauoire gonna listen to the entire thing, i really like these two persons

@strstr @neauoire super interesting dude. I don’t love the interviewer but he does have a knack for getting smart people to talk to him.

@strstr @neauoire also that dude reading two books a week is pretty impressive. I should read more.

@peregrine @neauoire i love how he says he read books on management, applied the ideas, and realized they actually work. i have a similar experience.

@strstr @neauoire same. You start to realize how little actual thought the average person puts into life and are just emulating whatever the people around them do.

@strstr @neauoire by simply opening a calculator or book or web search you can be an order of magnitude more effective than people around you. Which still blows my mind. Even among highly educated people so few will actually do the minimum work to do the math or research.

@peregrine @neauoire yeah Fridman awkwardly tried to bait him into weird statements a few times. by the end it feels like he himself realizes how silly his script sounded.

@neauoire "a jaded optimist"

that was great, beautiful insights

@neauoire "difference in magnitude is difference in kind"

@strstr @neauoire "if you want to really make a lot of progress in computer architecture, every five years you should do one from scratch"

I was actually going to quote this myself. The other one is talking about AI getting smarter than humans, "your self esteem is based on being the smartest thing and there's nothing smarter than you, but there's only 0.1% of the population that thinks that, because the rest of the population has been dealing with that since they were born." Paraphrasing.

@neauoire "A difference in count is a difference in kind"

@neauoire "People are how constrained. I have this thing I know how it works. ... As opposed to what do I actually want and then figure out out how to build it.

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